How did this epidemic realize that Chichor fame actor Tushar Pandey “should do more on the internet” | Internet series

Actor Tushar Pandey says his understanding of the streaming space has developed over the past two years and he accepts it.

Many actors in recent times are pioneers of digital media and actor Tushar Pandey is no different. The Chichor (2019) As the famous actor says, during two years of epidemics, one realized that one could not be looking at big screen projects to progress in their lives.

“Oh, the theaters are not open, what’s the point of making plans like this?” I weigh both equally in terms of reaching an audience. It (OTT) has given a face to everyone like me. Acting as an individual for a cinema is not easy to expect the same amount of audience. For new age actors, OTTs have become the best platform to show our talent to the audience. Infection is a factor in my decision and I want people to see more of me, ”Pandey told us.

The actor who starred in such web projects Ashram And recently released Returning homeHis understanding of the streaming space has developed over the past two years and he has become very receptive to it.

“My first internet experience AshramUntil then, only pictures are my understanding. I’m beginning to understand how funny media it can be (OTT) for an actor. The amount of focus on the characters is greater than a picture. The number of scenes … that kind of experience means that OTT is a great medium for an actor to dive into, ”he adds.

But it was not an easy call for him, as Pandey says after the massive success of his film ChichorReleased a year before the epidemic, he did not know if his big screen prospects would be affected by doing OTT projects.

“It was so different and it gave me time to understand what kind of job I was looking for. Sometimes when you do something big, it’s hard to clear your mind and understand what you want out of it. It went so well. I shoot for some projects at OTT last year. I did, and it will come out this year, ”he concludes.

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