Hey Cinnamica Movie Review: Tulkar Salman and Aditi Rao Haidari’s Breeze Comedy is almost spoiled by soulless drama

Tulkar Salman’s Hey Sinamika, who made his directorial debut as choreographer Brinda, tries to be both a romantic drama and a relationship comedy at the same time. While it works well as a romantic drama, it is also very much enjoyed as a relationship comedy, especially when it does not take itself too seriously. A refreshing departure from the roles Tulkar has written so far, Hey Cinnamica allows him to tap into his humorous side and express a great performance. Read also: Aditi Rao Haidari: People’s relationship with theaters now looks a bit different

When Mauna (Aditi Rao Haidari) is tired of her husband (Tulkar)’s relentless attention on her, she hires a psychologist (Kajal Agarwal) to love him to end the marriage. Tulkar Yalan is a hopeless loving husband who will suffocate anyone with his love. He is a rarely seen husband. He is not jealous of his wife’s financial independence and does not care about being at home and taking care of things.

As long as the film tries to be a relationship comedy while keeping the tone light, it works like a breeze. When it shifts gears to the play, the film finds it difficult to work with and keeps the audience engaged. From being a romantic comedy film to the last, the film would have performed even better if it had taken this matter even more fun.

Nevertheless, thanks to Tulkar’s effortless comedy, the film manages to work to some extent. Aditi Rao Haidari exhibits passionate and mature acting. Kajal Agarwal struggles to make an impact in a poorly written, superficial character.

When the film eventually turns into a triangular romance, it loses all the charm it was initially able to stir. When the story is serious, even the acting becomes uninteresting when the film gets boring to sit on. Aditi’s character comes from her marriage as someone who is not sure what she wants. She wants to get away from him because her husband is suffocating her with his love and not giving her space. However, when her plans to bring him down fall to her psychologist, she begins to get jealous, which does not go exactly with her character.

Hey Cinnamica is supposed to be a breezy romantic comedy but it turns out to be a troubled triangular romance.

The movie: Hey Sinamika

Director: Brinda

actors: Tulkar Salman, Aditi Rao Haidari and Kajal Agarwal

ott: 10

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