Her brother Neil Banerjee confirms that Pooja Banerjee and Sandeep Sejwal welcome the baby girl

Actress Pooja Banerjee and her husband swimmer Sandeep Sejwal have given birth to a baby girl. Pooja’s brother Neil Banerjee said Sandeep and the baby’s grandmother were in the hospital with Pooja. Pooja said she came to know about the pregnancy in November last year when she was on the set of her TV show Kungum Bhagya. He left the show last month and shared the set videos on Instagram. read more

In January this year, Pooja spoke to the Hindustan Times about leaving the show. “I’m not telling the producers of my show that I’m leaving for now. If there are too many cases and there is fear I will have to retire. It will be a mandatory break before I plan. Shared.

On Saturday, Pooja’s brother Neil Banerjee told the Times of India, “We are in Nagpur now and we are very happy with this new addition to our family. Everyone in our family is in celebration. We’ll see her soon. ” Neil said the baby was a girl and was born on Saturday morning in Mumbai.

Speaking to Time of India last month, Pooja said, “After giving birth to our baby, we have decided to move to Delhi to stay with our family. I think it would be a blessing to have so many people around. Everyone will shower the baby with love. I was raised in a separate family, so it will be very exciting. He said he would resume work after that.

In an earlier interview with the Hindustan Times, Pooja had spoken about 2022. “It simply came to our notice then. Project mode is in motion and we take care of the house, shelves, clothes, finances and work. There are many organizational jobs that we are constantly doing, ”he said.

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