Hema Malini watches in shock as the Honorpass rival jeep leaps over him. See

Hema Malini, who appeared as a guest on Hunarbaaz’s Mother’s Day special episode this weekend, was shocked when a contestant performed a dangerous stunt on stage. The actor was speechless, caring and stunned as Tipu Behalwan showed his strength by performing various difficult stunts. Read also | Hema Malini recites slogans while chanting to a contestant in Honorbass: ‘Main Nasser Udharna Sahdi Hu’

Tipu began his performance by simply lifting the heavy bicycle mounted under the tree with his bare mouth. He lay on the ground when members of his team put an ice pack on his chest and then broke it with a large hammer. The third stunt he performed included one of his bare chests on stage, while someone in his group ran over him in a jeep.

Hema, who saw Tipu in shock, at one point placed her hand close to her heart and cared for her face as he lifted the bike. She put both her hands on his cheeks as the ice broke over him. The actor screamed in horror as the jeep went over the rival. Mithun Chakraborty and Karan Johan were also amazed to see Tipu’s stunts.

Instagram users also praised Tipu’s performance after an advertisement for his action, which aired on the Sunday episode, was shared on the social media platform. “This guy is more amazing than a #IronmanIndiaIndia,” wrote one, while another posted heart emojis.

Another ad for the episode showed Hema recreating her iconic Sholay scene, which was originally filmed on her and her husband Dharmendra. Mithun played the role of Emperor Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan. Hema sits in a makeshift tank (horse drawn carriage) placed on stage for the performance and asks Mithun, “Ha Bapuji, kaha javoke? Belapura? நம்பூரா? Fatehgarh? Ramgarh? Kahan Jana Hai Polo (Tell me where you want to go)? “

The actor told Mithun that he wanted to see the horse according to the scene and brought laughter from the others. She took up another dialogue, to which Mithun replied, “Koi P Kar (take me to any car).” Since Mithun did not answer, Hema asked him to take the scene one more time. Before she could say, “Yaha du pasandi ka tanga hi mileka (only pasandi’s horse carriage is available here),” she said, “Sal tanno.”

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