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I play as a senior player Bobby Garr Bur HainActor Soma Rathore feels blessed to be gaining immense popularity on TV, but at the same time the producers want to experiment with him in genres other than comedy.

Going to Ayodhya and Lucknow, he says, “I want the producers to experiment with me through different characters like a grandmother, Thakurine, a negative character or a very emotional character who brings people to tears. The tag of being a mom is okay with me but there are so many other shades besides the comedy zone! The problem is, when a character is so popular, sub apko ek hi sashme se tekne lakte hain!

The actor says that the weight gain was done deliberately. “I’m medium weight, not thin or fat, so I was rejected as ‘Aap todi moti hoti to apko com mil jata’. I am 41 years old, but I have acted as a mother to those older than me (Rohitash Gowd, 55).

Soma Rathod (Instagram)
Soma Rathod (Instagram)

When told about his trip, he said, “I have been struggling in the industry since 2005, but three years later I got a job. Things changed for me லபடகஞ்ச் (2010) and after that I did a lot of work but Babiji And Jajaji Chad Bur Hain He took it to another level and made me a household name.

She’s glad she started getting offers for OTT in a slightly different zone, but they are not locked yet. “On TV, unfortunately, it’s very difficult to break that axis. I like to act in more films and series. Sometimes it’s boring and exciting on TV, but really that’s my identity and Ammaji gave me name-fame so well.

During his visit to Ayodhya, he says, “I went to Ayodhya for the first time 3-4 years ago, there is something special about it and it immediately became my favorite place. I loved the vibrancy of the city and its loving people. I went there for an event, at least 500 photos must have been clicked by the natives there, and the warmth I received from them was unparalleled. I came back to the temple town yesterday and was blessed.

On his return, he came to Lucknow, where he conducted a second shoot Pier Main Doda Twist, starring Mukesh J Bharti and Richa Mukherjee, in the pre-epidemic phase. “My first film Satrangi Parachute (2011) I play the wife of Sanjay Mishra. It was co-published Chad Koon Maff But not much work. This time, I play a poor rural woman in a village on the outskirts of the city.

She also did stand-up shows. “I tried to stand up to Kapil Sharma’s show Laughter K Fatki And Comedy Circus But that is not my strength. I like dancing but not good enough to act in reality shows, so let’s see what happens, ”he said.

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