Govt affects Isha Gupta’s mental health; Says she’s on a slow path to recovery | Bollywood

Actress Isha Gupta is recovering from Kovit-19 in Madrid while her family in Delhi are battling the virus. And not being able to be with them not only makes her feel helpless, but also affects her mental health.

“When I was filming in Kolkata in January, India, I thought I would be one of those people who would be saved from being infected with the virus. Even during my other series, we had lawsuits, but my team and I were safe, ”he tells us.

Gupta continues, “For two weeks I had a fever and a cough and lost my sense of smell made me very paranoid, but I was more alert about my health. My whole family is suffering from Govt disease and I can not imagine anything bad for anyone.

The 36-year-old tested positive earlier this month and is currently alone with her Spanish boyfriend, Manuel Combos Guller. “Fortunately or unfortunately, me and my partner have a coward. So, I’m not so bad around him, but it’s been almost two weeks on the slow path to recovery and I feel it has affected me mentally. Also, I can’t travel to be with my family, ”he admitted.

For her, loneliness is a great learning experience because she admits it teaches her that “nothing is more important than your loved ones.”

“Every leisure time, even in bed, should be used to reading and learning new skills. I’m learning a lot about astronomy because all I can do is lie down. It’s important to keep our minds sharp. As I see it, I feel very humbled. , It’s different for every human being, ”he says as he signs.


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