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Actress Sonnali Ceykal aspires to do Power Pack Action. Although he has been in the industry for more than a year, Seagull recently did a heavy-duty action thanks to his digital show. Anamika. “In my head, I have always been a powerful actionmaker. In real life I am not this Desi Publi Girl. I am not a person who splits between the media. I choose the best that comes my way, ”says Seagal.

Seagull, who has played the housewife next door in most of her films so far, shares her vision of the diversity that digital space offers. With the advent of OTT the number of projects being done has increased. The number of actors working in proportion has increased. If last year I was given 10 projects, now say 20 projects are being offered. As the amount of work has increased. Pure Mathematics. So, yes, you can run different parts indirectly due to OTT. Its arrival signifies a lot of hard work for actors like us, ”he explains.

While OTT gives actors the freedom to experiment, it also equates to more commercials as filming days increase. Ask Seygall if this is one of the things actors keep in mind when signing up for digital shows, and he responds, “I only saw money-related projects in the middle of my career because at the beginning of your career you want to get a job; in the middle, you want to survive, but now I have that. Didn’t see the feature.I know the money will come anyway.My choices for choosing projects are not dependent on money.

Seagull, however, has an interesting observation. He shared, “I feel like I did the movies, your fees on OTT are increasing. That’s the difference I saw. If I had not acted in films and done OTT, I probably would not have got the compensation I get now. (It happens) simply by the virtue of making movies ”

Currently, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has in mind that he wants to work with her. Also, regarding his choices, he added, “Within the limited privileges available to me, as someone who is not in the industry I would like to act in as many different roles as possible. I like to do very different things.

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