Goldie Behl on casting Bhagyasree’s daughter Avantika Dasani in Mitya: ‘We don’t know what her lineage is’ | Internet series

Goldie Bell, the host of Myth, has said that actress Huma Qureshi deserves more opportunities for the talent she possesses. He said that Avantika Dasani was selected for the thriller series through a normal acting style.

Huma plays the teacher of Mithya and Avantika, the daughter of actress Bhagyasree, plays the student. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Goldie opened up about the show and admitted that he did not know about Avantika’s lineage before casting her as one of the main characters. He shared his thoughts on cheating and expressed happiness that his wife Sonali Bendre has returned to work after battling cancer. Areas:

How was the myth conceived?

It is a remake of the British show Cheat created in 2019. It is basically about a teacher-student relationship that goes beyond control. As students and teachers discussed the layers and causes of these problems with each other, we saw new dynamics – many unique stories in a family starting to emerge. It starts from cheating in a class to cheating on life – the lies we live by and the lies we try to tell to make ourselves feel better.

Looks like you have a preference for complex stories like your previous web show Rejectx.

The series is fun because you can tell so many stories, while at the same time they are captivating. They are only one part of the world but have a lot to say. It would be confusing to try to tell them all in a movie. But in a series, you can take your time and tell many stories.

As a filmmaker, what can one ensure when creating a movie or web series to avoid creating confusion.

The goal should be to remember the reason and theme of why you are creating a story. If you have a feeling that you will complicate or confuse it, you need to come back to why you are creating that story.

What was it like working with an experienced actor like Huma Qureshi and a newcomer like Avantika Dasani?

I personally know Huma. She is a great actress and I think she will get many more opportunities. So far she has never been projected like this. You will find her soft and vulnerable side, at the same time, she is a woman caught up in a strange battle.

There is an unpredictability in Avantika’s character. Unlike the heroine, we wanted someone who did not know much about what people expected from her. That’s one of the main reasons we cast her. Credit to Avantika, she came through the normal acting process: by auditioning by the cast director. We don’t know what her pedigree is, and we found her interesting for that role.

What were the challenges faced during the filming of Midya?

I wanted to take this show in Darjeeling in the middle of the rain. The weather brings its own challenges. It is not possible to predict when it will rain. This is natural fog and it is so beautiful. You can see the fog coming in and going out during the running shot. Not even a single shot was taken in the sunlight and the whole show was cloudy, with a mysterious atmosphere.

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What is your opinion about cheating? One of the actors recently said that there is nothing unforgivable.

This is obviously not the right thing to do. Cheating is not a word of praise. I believe in duty, even if for some reason you are unhappy or obligated, you must abide by it. That is my upbringing. Cheating is very subjective – it can be emotional deception or physical. Cheating on someone physically is worse than cheating on someone emotionally.

Sonali Bendre is back with Dance India Dance. Your reaction.

I am very happy. You will see more of her on screen. God is merciful and people have shown great love for all of us.

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