Ganguly Ranawath raises suspicion over Ganguly Kathiawadi box office scam: ‘Kya Majpurian Rahi Hongi’ | Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut has once again commented on Alia Bhatt’s latest release Ganguly Katiyawadi. According to a ‘blind article’ on a news portal, actor Dick picked up on the box office numbers of the film that were allegedly cheated. He said there must have been some obligations with which those associated with Ganguly Kathiawadi were said to have reached large numbers at the box office. read more: Ganguly Kathiawadi Box Office Collection: The film starring Alia Bhatt is even stronger 100 crores worldwide

Kangana, who shared the blind article on her Instagram story, said, “We have heard about the tendency of milk to dissolve in water. .. There must have been some obligation to the helpless people). “

Kangana Ranaut responded to the blindfolded article.
Kangana Ranaut responds to a blind article.

In a blind article in Outlook magazine, he said, “The film was said to be a huge success, but a business local has another story to tell. The weekend collection was portrayed as twice the actual number. A commercial source told pu, “The film started well, but over the weekend, PVR Cinemas charged. 5 crore, held INOX 3.45 crore and was Sinipolis 3 crore. We know that a 40 percent cut from here goes to the multiplex business. How can they (filmmakers) say that the film earned its first weekend gross?

The day after the release of Ganguly Katiyawadi on February 25, Gangana wrote in her Instagram stories, “I am delighted to hear that theaters are reviving with record-breaking collections in Southern cinema. I heard that some baby steps are also taken in Hindi belt. A recently women-centric film with a big hero and a superstar director. They may be baby steps but they are not small. They will be important for theaters that are on ventilators here. Good. “

Before it was released, he called Alia ‘Bimbo’ and ‘Baba Ki Bari’. He wrote on Instagram, “200 crores will be burnt to ashes at the box office this Friday … for a daddy (movie mafia dad) Ki Barry (who wants to have a British passport) because Dad wants to prove Romecom pimbo. Acting … The biggest flaw of the film is the misbehavior … No wonder Yeh Nahi Sutrang (they will not change) is screened in South and Hollywood films … Bollywood Doom Jab Tak movie mafia has power … ”

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