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Ekta Kapoor on Thursday announced that Kangana Ranaut will host her new reality show Lock Up which will be streamed on both Alt Balaji and MX Player. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

Although he and Kangana did not reveal much about the format of the show, Ekta said that at a grand event in Mumbai, 16 famous contestants will host Kangana and decide their fate. “This is Kangana’s lock-up. She will be in charge here. She has got a lot of FIRs. Now she can release some. She will examine the contestants and finalize them,” she laughed.

Ekta said the show’s concept is local and ‘not copied from the West’. “In the last two years, there have been fewer celebrities who have not heard the word FIR, legal fees. So, here’s a show where you get jailed with the idea of ​​bail. This is the biggest reality show. Bharat. Hum India May Rehkar Bharat Ko Pool Gaye Hain (We live in India, we have forgotten Bharat) We do not need international forms. Why copy from there? ” Now there is nothing new in it. The new thing is being imprisoned. “

Ekta added that for the first time in a reality show in India, presenter Kangana Ranaut will have 50% control over which contestant to keep and who to remove. He asked Kangana, “Would you share the secrets of your life on the show without revealing much about the concept?” Kangana replied, “I want to attend. I want to know the contestants. I have 50% power and I know they will like my participation too. So, I’m very ready to participate. My life is like an open book.”

Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor and MX Player CEO Karan Bedi at the launch of the show.
Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor and MX Player CEO Karan Bedi at the launch of the show.

Kangana faced controversy in life and explained why she chose a show that focused on controversy. “I like to believe that I focus on the good part of every situation and focus on the bad. But life is not like that. You have to deal with the bad part. I don’t care if I have to deal with it. I have to be on top,” she said. Kangana added that the show will promote being ‘brutally honest’. She said, “Our winner will not be a good-two-shoe. They will not carry the burden of whether that person is liked or not. They will be brutally honest.”

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He also said he would not look to any other actor or presenter for inspiration. “When hosting a reality show, you have to be yourself. Copying anyone is not in my nature. Copying anyone is below my dignity,” he said. Kangana had already announced that she would be hosting the show on Instagram Stories and would later delete the post.

Ekta said the show will go live on both AltBalaji and MX Player from the end of February. “For the first time in the history of reality shows, it will be broadcast live on two platforms.” The show also features a maker of what the makers call “the world’s first metaware-based fantasy game”, also known as Lock Upp.

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