From Samantha Ruth Prabhu to Regina Cassandra: Hindi OTT attracts big southern names | Internet series

The website has opened up opportunities as before. This expansion has allowed actors from every field to work in Hindi OTT projects. With names like Samantha Ruth Prabhu appearing prominently in Telugu and Tamil films, she hit the Hindi web with her second season. Family ManWith Nithya Menon Breath 2, Malayalam actor Roshan Mathew in OTT movie Suffocated And with Neeraj Madhav Family Man – Actors from the southern film industry have become familiar faces to Hindi-speaking audiences.

But why do they choose Hindi web space over Hindi theater films?

Actress Regina Cassandra played a minor role in the 2019 film Ek ladki ko dekha do aisa laga (2019), made its full-scale debut outside of Hindi with the latest web series Rocket Boys. Although it was not a planned move, the actress says she now realizes that the internet is getting higher scores than movies.

“I’ve been around for a while but this one [Rocket Boys] Something I had never done before. I feel blessed and have a lot of gratitude towards it. With this [web] Space, you are in every home and more people can approach you because Hindi has more viewers. I am in the right place at the right time, ”shares Cassandra, who works in Tamil and Telugu cinema.

Appearing in this is actress Priyamani Family Man Season 1 and 2 acknowledge that the Internet offers “plenty” of opportunities for regional actors who do not excel in cinema.

“They (Hindi) are running an amazing stream in the OTT world, I do not think this is wrong Family Man Was very excited. I remember we started filming season two before the first season came out. We watched the first two episodes in the Raj and DK office of our directors and we were amazed and excited by the way it was created. Everyone said it could happen in your house and in my house. People absolutely loved it, ”he tells us.

Kannada actress Aindrita Raku, two Hindi web series Casino And Sanak Ek JunoonInstead of waiting for the OTT Hindi film opportunity, it gave him a chance to show himself in a new light.

“There is a change in the way Hindi content is produced. It’s better than movies. Web space is highly purposeful. I promise so much. Language has never been a barrier for me. I have worked in the Kannada field for a long time and I also have Bengali films. I just got the Hindi web, ”he says.

In fact, doing web projects opens up film avenues for these actors, ”Cassandra added. Rocket Boys, I know more opportunities are coming. I stopped myself there and think there will be a change in what roles I get. There is one more mark.

Filmmakers, too, are very adamant that actors from the southern film industry need to add different flavors to their cast.

Filmmaker Digmanshu Tulia, who has created web projects such as, “I believe the web has become a melting pot of talent. The Great Indian Murder And Out of LoveTell us.

“More and more people are being cast to suit the characters, no matter how big a name he or she is. As a director I get established actors from South Indian cinema and we already get a lot of eyes because they have a huge fan base. Also, some of these actors who have done internet projects in recent times are amazing I feel like the actors, it’s a win for everyone, ”says Tulia.

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