For filmmakers like us, OTT is a great opportunity: Digmanshu Tulia | Internet series

Digmanshu Tulia, a nationally acclaimed filmmaker, feels that OTT has given more freedom to a writer-director like himself to tell his stories in a better way without having to worry too much about publishing them.

The Hasil And Ban Singh Tomar The director says, “I feel now that only big movies are running in theaters. For filmmakers like us, OTT is a great game changer. In fact, I am fully enjoying this stage. I’ve worked very little with the big stars and you don’t have to worry about that at OTT. So, you can focus more on quality work and not have to stress about the publishing factor that I have faced so much in my life. (Ban Singh Stuck for two years).

However, Tulia feels that content will be important in the OTT space as well, so only good shows will work soon as the supply is high.

Finishing TV, movies and OTT series, he said, “Shooting the OTT series is the best part, like making a movie. Although viewers can still watch it on mobile phones, it’s still a movie experience. We do not work like that! So, the shooting series brings the completion of the shooting of a film, in fact more than that!

He is currently finishing the OTT series Carmi In Bhopal based on student politics. “Since it is about youth, I introduce a lot of new faces with experienced actors including Mukesh Tiwari, Vineet Kumar and Jatin Goswami. We hope to finish it soon and bring it to the end of the year, ”said the co-director of the first season Criminal justice And Out of Love.

After a great reception for his last release The Great Indian Murder The second and final season is in the scripting stage and he hopes it will be ready to stream in 2023.

Tulia last acted as an actor தாண்டவ் Next he will be involved in the shooting of an independent film in Raipur. “I’m not trying to get acting plans. I’ll take it if it requires fewer dates or if the friend finds something interesting.”

Tulia has a film script ready and she plans to shoot it in her home state (UP) but says it will be too soon to talk about it. His film after being stuck for many years Someone (2020) was finally streamed on OTT, but he wants it to be released on the big screen for a better viewing experience.

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