Farooq Kabir: I Can’t Understand How Good My Live OTT Release Has Been For A Long Time | Internet series

How to define one’s success in the OTT space – This question has affected many, including the filmmaker and Farooq Kabir, who released his film. Kuda Hafiz (2020) On the streaming platform. For a full-length film, coming out with a sequel without any figure in hand, is equally enigmatic.

Kabir, who is busy with post-production work on the series, tells us, “Until a lot of people came back to me saying that you should do the second episode, I could not understand how good the film was. . I asked my producer, ‘You’re a little nervous, chapter one is so good, do you think we should do chapter two?’

Although there was no box office to understand it, Kabir was told that the business felt that it would have worked well in theaters. “My producer said he has received calls from every distributor and exhibitor in the country. I said yes, I did not really jump in front of me, ”he recalled.

But, a year later he was convinced of what would happen to his film. “It’s December 31, 2021, one and a half years after the release of episode one. On New Year’s Eve, a big channel was screened Anal hobbies. Now it was me, ”Kabir insists, as he was recently in Delhi for a professional dedication.

Kabir has teamed up with filmmaker Shakun Bhadra to direct the film Kehrian,Someone recently told us that we need a metric system because the nature of the business wants to be compared. “For producers like Sakun and myself, we know the fate of a film from business circles,” he concludes.

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