Fardeen Khan says he does not deserve Filmfare Best Debut Award for Prem Akan; ‘People got their money back’ | Bollywood

Actor Fardeen Khan, who is making a comeback in Bollywood with the horror drama Whisford, talks about the difficult times he faced in his life after the release of his first film Prem Agan. He starred opposite Magna Kothari in 1998 and won the Filmfare Best Debut Award. But, the actor now says that he does not think he deserves that award. Read also | Fardeen Khan opens up about her father’s death, health fears and the loss of twins after his wife’s IVF: ‘Natasha really suffered’

Despite receiving the award, Fardeen says the reviews for his performance have been negative. The films given to him were withdrawn from him, and he went down into the financial pit.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, the actor said, “I do not think I deserve that award. It’s a culture and things, people got awards like this. I see my work, I’m not sure. That film deserves it. , I thought I was terrible, I sat at home for a whole year, I did not have a job, the pictures I had taken before, people took their money back. I spent some of the money given to me, so I had to return that money. “

After that, Fardeen recalled that his father, Feroz Khan, had told him that he would give him a roof and food for a year. Feroz will give it to Fardeen 50,000 a month, tell him he has to do it on his own. Meanwhile, Fardeen had bought a car, with its EMI 22,000 per month, and he could not even save enough money to buy gas for the vehicle.

Ferdinand recalls, “So he’s very strict, my dad. He’s a completely self-made man and he does not believe in protecting you, especially in terms of the economy. Throughout that year, I went. I did not like it. Then I picked myself up and started working, came out with a plan to meet people and go there. I kept working. My Hindi was so bad for my first film. “

Apart from his father, Fardeen said that director Ram Gopal Varma was indebted to his career. After Prem Akkan, Fardeen Ram starred in Gopal Varma’s Jungle. Fardeen also thanked actress Urmila Madonna who starred with her in Jungle and her next film Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Fardeen, after the failure of his first film, said that no one wanted to act with him, but Urmila was very happy to work with him.

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