Fans praise Kapil Sharma for fighting alcoholism and depression on Netflix special: ‘I cried like a baby’ | Internet series

Kapil Sharma made his OTT debut this week with his Netflix special Kapil Sharma: I’m not done yet. The hour-long comedy special show captivated the audience with the events of the actor-comedian’s life, jokes about politics and Bollywood and some heart touching moments.

One of the highlights of the show was how the tone was different from Kapil’s TV shows. Both fans and critics noted that it felt personal, albeit a bit funny. But what many praised was how honestly Kapil spoke about his own struggles with depression and alcoholism on the show.

Kapil talked about his experiences of treatment when he was depressed. “We always believe that depression is something that happens outside (abroad) and it will not happen here,” he said, highlighting the lack of awareness about mental health issues in the country. Kapil talked about the time when he stopped smiling and nothing impressed him anymore.

Fans on social media not only talked about the comedian’s problems, but also praised him for using a remote site like Netflix to talk about it. One fan tweeted, “I feel really proud and courageous when #Kapil Sharma talks about his depression and mental state in a difficult situation in life.” Considering Kapil’s status and popularity, many felt that it was a big deal that the country’s leading comedian took this step. One fan wrote, “It’s a great pleasure to see India’s best comedian talking to a global audience about mental health.” Many said they were emotional when they saw it. “I cried like a child watching Kapil’s Netflix special,” one fan tweeted.

Fans tweeted praising Kapil Sharma for talking about mental health on a Netflix special.
Fans tweeted praising Kapil Sharma for talking about mental health on a Netflix special.

Fans have argued that by talking on a big stage about such forbidden things, Kapil is helping to bring this issue to the mainstream in the most necessary way. One fan tweeted, “This will help remove the stain around #MentalHealth.” Most fans urged Kapil to continue talking about similar issues in the future as well. “Please continue to advocate for #MentalHealthIsHealth,” one fan tweeted while referring to Kapil in the post.

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In the past, there have been reports of Kapil’s drinking and mental health problems, but the comedian has never spoken openly about them before. Kapil Sharma: I have not finished yet I started streaming on Netflix on January 28th.

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