Fans have dug up an old video of Tejaswi Prakash getting angry when she called Shamita Shetty ‘Aunty’.

Tejaswi Prakash once spoke about how it is disgraceful to call a woman ‘Aunty’. This week, Bigg Boss 15’s co-contestant Shamita Shetty was called ‘Aunty’ by the fans.

Actor Tejaswi Prakash recently got into a big fight with Shamita Shetty in Bigg Boss Season 15. Accusing Shamita of dating her boyfriend Karan Kundra, Tejaswi called her ‘Aunty’, which Shamita did not like.

Big Boss fans dig up an old video of Tejaswi on the Ladies Vs Gentleman show. In the episode, participants discussed whether it was disrespectful to call a woman ‘aunt’. Tejaswi revealed how a person a little younger than herself called herself Aunty. “Mere Saat Hua Hai. I said, ‘Main itni b padi nahi hoon. Aunty? ‘ I’m going to be honest, Maine Iche React Kia Hai (it happened to me. I told him, I’m not that old. Aunty? I’m honest, I reacted like that), “she said.

“Maine pohot sari antion ko, jo real mujse pohot body hai, ginko main aunty hi pulavungi, anko be problem hui hai. A lot of people will not believe that jo aunty wale age group mein hai, ki woh aunty wale age group mein hai (there are cases where older women than me are opposed to being called aunty. When Ritwik Tanjani said that it was not a disgrace, Tejaswi said, “It is for women.”

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During a task on the show, Tejaswi teased Karan and Shamita after giving him a massage. “It’s not Karan Kundra, Rakesh Babat.

Tejaswi added, “Lo Aunty Chaat Kai Us Pe B (Aunty is after him too).” Shamita got angry when she heard that comment and replied, “This is a job, you have no job in calling me Aunty”. Shamita got angry and told Karan that she had not said anything for him.

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