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The digital platform is rapidly evolving into a medium for narrating the stories of a bizarre community, either through the main characters or through the sub-plotline. While everyone applauds the effort to fix the curved portrayal, filmmakers say it still has a long way to go.

“LGBTQAI + stories are very well received by the audience, and actors, filmmakers, producers and studios go there to tell these stories without blinking an eye. But the best way to approach stories about the LGBTQ community moving forward is to tell them as they really are without exaggerating or exaggerating them. Because, at the end of the day, they are just stories about human experience, ”says director Moses Singh, who researched the story of an intimate lesbian in his latest web series. ManWith actor Kirti Gulhari.

According to GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV study, the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and bizarre characters is on the rise all the time. It is also reflected in India in such shows Married woman, her story, 377 extraordinary, Or through subplots such as Searching for the Love of Actress Ahana Kumra Call My Agent: BollywoodFlapita Portagur explores life as bisexual Bombay BegumAnd the journey of Arjun Mathur as a gay man Created in heaven.

“There’s more recognition. So more stories. So more LGBTQ + focused films and shows. , I hope to create realistic, life stories, ”says the actor.

Found in it is Mrinal Dutt His story, Agrees. “Representation is definitely evolving, but it still has a long way to go. A section of the community needs to be a little more open. It’s happening, but it will take time,” he says.

The part that connects the missing bits to the story is reliability. “What is not represented is that creators are still afraid or limited in their imagination about LGBT + characters,” he insists.

Sup Mangal Jiada Chawtan (2020) Director Hitesh Kevalya thinks, “When creating stories that represent a bizarre community, we have to work on our own behalf.”

He explains, “They are treated differently when writing a story. Sometimes writers think we can not write them because we do not know anything about them … This is the wrong way to approach this problem. ”

Meanwhile, filmmaker Onir feels that the exact representation even on the internet is still in question.

“There’s always been people of the opposite sex who write our stories or who are in the closet representing us. There is no attempt to empower working people, ”he said.

This, Pure Kurma Director Faraz Arif Ansari added, “Most of the representation in Indian films and OTT always loses that sense of reality, so I always feel inferior in incorporating real weird life and stories, so it doesn’t echo deeply or do what needs to be done. – To open a great conversation beyond the bizarre community “.

However, not all is lost. Filmmaker Apurva Azrani is optimistic about a change and appreciates the steps taken to increase inclusion.

“LGBTQAI + characters today have a bigger purpose in scripts, from pathetic characters used for humiliation, laughter or villainous purposes. There is a sign for them, they are beating hearts … we are no longer criminals, stories of oppression are slowly becoming celebratory stories of society. The character of Khan (Vikas Kumar) stood out to me Arya. He may be gay, but that should be his purpose in the script Of Arya Strong foil. A real evolution, it will increase in the future, ”he signed.

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