Experience of Shark Tank Mittal R Madhavan and Chetan Bhagat. ‘Are you allowed to speak?’ The fan asks. | Internet series

Actor R Madhavan recently met Anupam Mittal, founder of Shaadi.com, one of the ‘sharks’ of the TV show Shark Tank India, and writer Chetan Bhagat. R Madhavan and Chetan appeared together last year on the web series DeCouplet. The two were seen as arch-rivals on the show. Anupam also shared a photo of the two with them on Instagram, thanking Chetan’s wife Anusha Bhagat for hosting them. read more: Anupam Mittal of Shark Tank India calls himself ‘Baltu Aadmi’ for appearing in all episodes: ‘Do what you can’

Sharing the picture they had together, Anupam wrote, “Pathe as ke baat (after a very long day), an intimate evening with some friends over the weekend, after a while I realized that things were finally returning to the‘ normal ’state. 2 years. I hope so. anusha_bhagat Thanks for the hospitality.

The experience of wearing a blue shirt and pants shows R Madhavan sitting on the sofa in the center, away from the camera, enjoying a casual evening with Seyton on another sofa to the right. Chetan’s wife Anusha is standing in the back in a white dress.

Fans were delighted to see the trio together. One fan responded in the style of a businessman, “Anupam sir be like this – photo du lelein do yaar (at least let me take a photo)”. Another joked, “Kya apko polne di yahan pe (did they let you talk).” And one fan said, “Yaha pe b lak rahe bakki lok kuch pitch kar raha hain @ akmittal (others seem to be putting forward an idea here)”.

Anupam Mittal is known for appearing in all the episodes of Shark Tank India and for being a polite person who says no when rejecting a participant. He often asked his fellow ‘sharks’ to allow him to speak.

Madhavan currently has several projects on the pipeline, including his much-anticipated film Rocketry. He plays Nambi Narayanan, an ISRO scientist, and he produces the drive.

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