EXCLUSIVE! Tejaswi talks openly about marrying Prakash Karan Kundra: Iska pas sale do ye ye do kar hi leka

Nagas 6 actor Tejaswi Prakash talks about marrying her boyfriend Karan Kundra, who fell in love with Bigg Boss 15 for the first time inside the house. He reveals that Kundra has not raised the question yet.

Nagin 6 actor Tejaswi Prakash is happy to be home from his hectic shooting schedule. The actor is celebrating Maharashtra New Year Gudi Padwa today with his family and actor boyfriend Karan Kundra. “I long to spend time with my family and Karan,” he says as we talk on the phone. “I look forward to a better year than last, and I am grateful for everything,” he adds.

This is Prakash’s first Padva with actor’s boyfriend Kundra because they just fell in love last year. As Maharashtrians we have the Padvacha gift which should be given to them by one’s lover and husband. All my friends are already making fun of him. So I expect a Padvacha gift from Karan, ”he shares.

Prakash is going to be involved in “Simple Gar Ka Kana” today and “Puranpolis” made by his mother. “It’s easy to do. And Karan’s mother is cooking. We’m going to start the year with something sweet,” he adds.

Prakash’s fondest memories of Gudi Patwa are with his brother Pratik, who is currently in the states. “We would get up early in the morning and not like it. Then we would have to do puja and we would be cool with the family wearing something traditional. It’s never been bigger for us, but always simple. I miss the fact that Bra (his brother) is not here,” he explains.

When Prakash and Kundra celebrate this festival together, he also clarifies that they have not discussed marriage yet. “We are focused on our work. We do not have the opportunity to talk (about marriage) and we can not talk about these things on the phone. We need to find the time, we can find something if we need to find it. This guy (Kundra) said that we (marriage) in March (we) Everyone) has said. (Since then) March has become a big thing. March phase Hogaya, people say when are you two getting married and he wanted to get married in March but we do not know if it will be so crazy. Leka. But he did not question. So, I keep making fun of him, ”Prakash signed.

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