Exclusive: Not Rohit Saraf, Ayesha Ahmed Uday Oberoi | Internet series

Contrary to rumors, actors Rohit Saraf and Ayesha Ahmed are not dating. Instead she is dating a marketing guy from Ahmednagar

Although the internet has sent thousands of actors Rohit Saraf and Ayesha Ahmed together, the two are not dating in real life. Instead, HTCity exclusively says that Ahmed is dating Mumbai-based marketing expert Uday Oberoi. The two have been looking at each other for some time and Ahmed talks tightly about the same thing.

A close friend of Ahmed said, “The two have been dating for more than a year. Ayesha does not have the facility to speak it openly. First, Uday is not from the industry. So, she does not want him to be slandered, especially since their fans already want Rohit and her to be together. Secondly, because Ayesha and Uday are flowing, they do not want to announce it to the world now. However, everyone in his inner circle is well aware of their relationship. Their families are also accustomed to each other and often go out together.

When we are in contact Adults The actor, he shares, “I was definitely not dating Rohit; He is a dear friend. For others, I do not wish to comment.

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