Exclusive: Lake Bell applied the experience to Pam & Tommy from his own ‘infamous’ photo leak, which may be related to pain | Internet series

Hulu’s new series Palm & Tommy is a review of one of the hottest scandals of the 90s – the infamous sex tape featuring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. I use the word ‘scandal’ loosely here because the only corruption is that the tape was stolen from Lease’s house. The most personal moments of a famous couple took place following a crime spilled on the internet for all to see.

The biggest challenge for the series was how not to provoke and portray it emotionally. Enter Lake Bell! The actor-turned-filmmaker directed two episodes in the eight-episode series, including the recently released fourth episode. The actor-director draws himself to direct the show and talks to us about how his own nude photo leak experience affected the process.

Starring Lily James and Sebastian Stone – the first episode directed by Lake, which deals with the protagonists – will discover the true extent of how far their personal tape has come. Speaking of coming on board to direct the sequence, Lake tells us, “I felt safe how Pamela was portrayed in this particularly sensitive moment of realizing that the cat had been let out of the bag. It was a turning point in the series. Go from the pop culture event to where the couple is in real pain.”

Sebastian Stan and Lily James & amp;  Tommy.
Sebastian Stan and Lily James in Palm & Tommy.

Pamela Anderson must have realized then that the actor-director was in a unique position. In 2014, Lake was among the celebrities affected by a huge hack that saw their personal pictures and videos leaked on the internet. That chapter affected how the lake was approached to run Bam & Tommy. “I can relate to the sensitivity and pain one feels when something is stolen from you and enters the global web hurricane. I felt so eager to tell the story through the only lens I could see. It was my own. As a director, I felt very attached to that thing,” he says.

Lake says it was almost a bizarre moment when he saw Pamela’s rage in the episode, revealing her own rage from what happened to her eight years ago. He says, “I remember reading the script and seeing that scene was a hindrance to the pain they were experiencing. It was so empowering to see Pamela take it in her hands. Many of us hide our anger from social interests and obligations, especially women. I felt it. “

At Lake Shares, “giving Pamela a voice” is her biggest motivation and focus. She tells us, “Looking back from the outside, you realized she had no voice.” The 42-year-old says he wants to present Pamela’s vision of the series, which he believes has not yet been done. He explains, “The way this series was written made it clear that the media could shamelessly and reluctantly exploit women. We will take the stolen tape as a crime and use it for the emotional destruction of this woman, something we need. Now, looking back can be seen as a crime.” People can be given a place to discuss what they’ve taken. “

But even when Lake talks about Pamela giving voice through the series, there is a caveat. Pamela did not want to do anything with the show. She refused to get involved when the producers and Lily reached out. Entertainment Weekly recently quoted a source close to the actor as saying, “She will never see this, not even for many more years. Not even the trailer.”

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The lake, however, refuses to pull in. “I can not speak for her openly, I can only speak from my own experience. I think it’s unfair to comment on it. It’s her own journey. I respect that, ”he says. The director, however, reiterates his intent. “But I can say that this series and the episodes in which I participated used it to see how this woman could have a voice through this story,” he adds.

The first three episodes of the Hulu Original Palm & Tommy premiered in Hulu, USA on Wednesday, February 2, and began streaming on Friday, February 4 in India on Disney + Hotstar. The fourth episode, directed by Lake, aired on Disney + Hotstar in February. 10. The remaining four episodes will be streamed weekly on Disney + Hotstar. Lake also directed the seventh episode of the series, which will be streamed next month.

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