Everyone cries over Honorbass after contestant pays emotional tribute to his mother: ‘Trans community gets new life’

Honorpas: A contestant’s dance performance in the upcoming episode of Desh Ki Shaan reality show brought the show judges to tears.

In an ad for an episode of the show shared by Colors TV on Instagram, one can see Harsh dancing to the song of contestant Taare Zameen Parin Ma. The referees can be seen to be shaken by the process. After the performance, Harsh introduces his ‘mother’, a transgender man who raised himself. He says, “Sir, if I were here, it would be for my mother. There was a time when there was no money to eat. My mother supported me, loved me, a mother gave birth to me, and this mother raised me.”

This permission makes the already emotional judges break down. Karan Johar wipes the tears from his eyes when he sees Parineeti Chopra and Mithun Chakraborty suffering uncontrollably.

Harsh’s mother told the judges, “I can never be a mother, but this baby Harsh gave me mother status. I want to see him reach new heights.”

Harsh’s mother says this moment will help dispel myths about the trance community: “Aaj Kinner Samaj ko ek nai zindagi mili hi. All misconceptions in the hearts of the people will vanish. “

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Honorpas: Desh Ki Shaan airs on Colors TV and talks to contestants in front of a panel of judges. The show began airing on January 22nd.

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