Eternal Chaos and Love Teaser: Rahul Bose Returns With Farhan And Zoya Akhtar’s Wacky ‘Web Show | Internet series

Rahul Bose is back, this time with the ‘Strange’ web series titled Eternally Confused and Age for Love. The teaser of the web show introduces a naughty young man named Ray (Vihan Samad), a twenty-four year old boy who, in the hope of finding love, seeks advice from his bodyguards Rahul Bose and Suchitra. Child.

Sharing the teaser on social media, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar wrote, “Finding love is not always easy. Is eager for eternal chaos and love.

It starts with Rahul Bose and Suchitra Pillai discussing with Vihan Samath. Suchitra told him, “We have arranged something for you” and scenes are shown showing Vihan trying his luck with women and wasting it. Rahul Bose can be seen giving him relationship advice, “Don’t say anything stupid. Be your own diaper.”

It shows how Ray takes notes of a ‘bad adult’ from his imaginary friend – a magical toy he uses as a keychain, which is actually a representation of Ray’s inner voice.

Planned in Eternally Confused and Aging for Love 2020, it was created in collaboration with Farhan Akhtar and Riteish Sidwani’s Excel Entertainment, Zoya Akhtar, Reema Cockti’s Tiger Baby and Netflix. It will start streaming on Netflix from March 18.

Produced and directed by Rahul Nair, the show stars Jim Sarf, Ankur Rathi and Dalai in the lead roles.

Anbita Dutt’s supernatural thriller ‘Bull’ is Rahul’s last film project. He was later seen on an internet show called Bombay Begums. Both were released on Netflix. Suchitra has been very active in the OTT space. He was last seen on the Netflix show Call My Agent: Bollywood.

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Commenting on the show, Tiger Baby’s Reema Cockti said, “Eternal chaos and the desire for love is a new take on issues such as love, relationships and sexuality in the modern day’s daily struggles of a teenager. . “

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