Emilia Clark’s First Look from Marvel’s Secret Invasion. See pictures with Samuel L. Jackson and Kobe Smelters online series

Pictures of Emilia Clarke’s Marvel debut Secret Invasion have been released, revealing the actor’s look from an upcoming project. Game of Thrones star Marvel is filming the Cinematic Universe series in the UK.

In the films circulating on social media, Emilia can be seen filming in the UK with the cast and crew. According to some reports and pictures, MCU veteran Samuel L. Jackson – played by Nick Fury in the rights – is filming with Emilia.

Pictures show Emilia walking down the street wearing a long coat, trousers and boots, carrying a red duffel bag. According to Leeds Live, the shooting is taking place in the city center of Leeds, which is curved and looks like a Russian street. Several videos and pictures created by the fans from the shoot were released. Emilia from another set, now in a blue buffer jacket, speaks to the crew. In one video he shows up walking with co-star Kobe Smalters.

Secret Invasion is being produced by Marvel Studios for Disney +. The series, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelssohn and Kobe Smulders, is based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. The comic series focuses on the long-running invasion of a group of alien transformers called the Scrolls who secretly transform many superheroes into the Marvel universe. The six-episode series will be screened in late 2022.

Scrolls was introduced at the MCU by Captain Marvel, starring Bree Larson and Jude Law, in addition to Samuel and Ben. Although not much is known about the plot or Emilia’s role in the series, the actor has recently expressed his excitement to be a part of MCU. “To be a part of that family is to say, ‘God, I’m in a cold baby meeting. It’s so wonderful.’ Honestly, it was the people who did this that really pushed me to want to do it, and I think everyone’s heart and head is in the right place, ”he told ComicBook.com.

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Secret Invasion marks Emilia’s return to the small screen from her breakthrough role in Game of Thrones. Emilia played one of the protagonists of HBO’s successful fantasy series for eight seasons from 2011-19, Daneris Darkarian.

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