Divya Agarwal says I had a hard time convincing people that I could act in a reality show background | Internet series

Divya Agarwal has worked hard to transform herself from an influential person on social media and a reality show personality. Ragini’s appearances on web series such as MMS: Returns 2 and Cordell have been praised by fans. So it is ironic that in his next show – Abhay – he actually played a social media influencer. But it has a dark streak. In the third season of the show, Divya plays an influential Harleen who reveals the moonlight as a killer. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Divya talks about playing ‘herself’ on the show and how it scared her. (read more: Abhay Season 3 Trailer: Kunal Kemmu’s Super Cop, The Dark, Twisted Killer, Returns To Hunt The Viewer In Awesome Vijay Ross)

The actor shares that he was happy to do Abhay as the show checked all the boxes in his wishlist. He explains, “When I was given Abhay, I was in Cloud Nine. I’ll see this one thing in my life, everything clicking in the right place. Good co-star, good director, good stage, good lead, everything, yes, this is what I expected in my life. A collection. “

But while playing Harleen, she finds similarities between herself and the character, especially since the character has a darker side, making things harder. Divya says, “No matter what role I’ve played in my life, they are not all me. But here, in this role of Abilene, Harleen is somewhat like me. And what do I do if people start thinking that Divya Agarwal has a dark side. I want people to never compare Divya and Harleen. It will happen. ” In fact, Divya sometimes finds herself unable to pay for that inner darkness because half can relate so strongly to the character. “There are some events on the show and you’ll find it hard for me to say my lines because she felt somewhat like me. It was so hard for me,” she says.

Over the years, as she graduated from Splitzville to the Big Boss OTT and now web series, Divya found that media and fan attention shifted from her personal life to working on screen. Asked if it’s refreshing, he said, “Honestly, yes, I like to promote it. For me, work is paramount. What I am today is the reason for my job today. Call me servant but I like it at 4am, you have to shoot for 12 hours.” , There’s another set the next day. It’s the exercise I want and rush in my life. That’s what motivates me. “

Divya Agarwal with Dhanuj Virwani on the set of Abhay.
Divya Agarwal with Dhanuj Virwani on the set of Abhay.

But Divya, who hails from a reality show background, said it was not easy to convince people that she could act. He says, “It’s very hard for me to convince people that I’m not just reality shows. I can pull this off.

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The third season of Abhay will be screened on April 8, 2022 on Zee5. Directed by Ken Ghosh, the series stars Kunal Kemmu in the lead roles along with Vijay Ross, Asha Negi, Rahul Dev, Tanuj Virwani, Vidya Malwade, Nithi Singh and Divya.

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