Dino Morea: People in Bollywood have never seen me beyond my looks | Internet series

Actor Dino Morea is delighted with his latest internet tour The Empire, and the producers are now delighted to be making full use of his potential as an actor.

He has been in the film industry for more than two decades now, yet he feels he is underused by Dino Morea filmmakers. One of the main reasons given to him over the years by the producers not to cast him in their projects was his good looks – “strange” to the actor.

Moria explains, “It takes courage for a filmmaker to see me differently. Directors don’t see me differently. I get the impression that you are beautiful. I find it very strange, what does it have to do with casting me in a particular character and my appearance. Let me cast. I can change my look. People never saw me beyond my appearance. Being beautiful sometimes works against you in Bollywood.

The actor says that everyone on screen is running after “12 actors”. He further explains, “Some of them guarantee you a seat in theaters but others are just projection. A good film will work. Producers will only support good stories, I believe who is in it. I also want to work with the best directors. ”

46-year-old after his recent trip – web series, Empire – There has been a change in the perception of him as an actor.

“Through this show I have proven that I can do things, so look at me. No one noticed, thanks to the people who took the risk in acting. There is no need to prove to anyone that I can act at this time. There were many who called from the fraternity and said how good I was. .The directors look at me from a different perspective, the handsome, next door guy, who can only take on certain types of roles, ”says Moriya, who has two Telugu films in her kitty.

But the actor was in no hurry and was not involved in the signing work. “I have been waiting for something for seven years Empire. I am in no hurry to jump into anything and make a mistake. I want to do good work in theaters and OTT. I approach the directors again and he concludes, ‘Hey, here I am, I’m available.’

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