Deepika Padukone Kehriyan shares hilarious bloopers: Dogs, roosters and toilet wash noises abduction scenes | Bollywood

Deepika Padukone shared a video on social media on Saturday where she and the cast of her latest film Kehriyan watched the film’s bloopers together.

In the video that Deepika posted on her Instagram feed, she, Ananya Pandey, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Thairya Karwa and director Shakun Bhadra are camping in front of the blueprints from the Kehriyan shoot. The five shared some funny snippets and behind-the-scenes gossip. Deepika says in the video, “My jaws still hurt!”

Particularly funny Pitt from the video, interrupts when a dog wanders into a frame in an intense scene between Siddhant and Deepika. Similarly, later on, a rooster interrupts the scene where Ananya and Siddhant are lying on a mat. Then, in a scene where the characters of Thairya and Deepika share an intimate warmth, a toilet flush destroys the noise tag.

Speaking of these unpleasant interruptions, Shakun said in the video, “It always happens. Every time we did a serious scene it was a cock or a flush or something funny in our stomachs.”

Kehriyan has often received positive reviews and praise for the actors’ performance. Deepika’s portrayal of a woman in a relationship with her cousin’s fianc (played by Ananya and Siddhant respectively) is about infidelity.

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In a recent interview, Deepika had said that although she does not agree with her character choices, she does not value herself. “You do not agree with their wishes. I do not agree with those choices. But as an actor, I have to get out of that judgment. How can I transform this character into a human being? Turn it into a character, “he told NDTV.

The film was released on February 11 on Amazon Prime Video.

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