Deepa Patia: When I start filming, people say ‘you have to be an assistant’ | Bollywood

He has been the editor for many acclaimed films such as Taare Zameen Par (2007), Rock On !! (2008)Stanley Ka Dabba(2011), among others. Deepa Patiya says her profession is a field and many will accept that it can be done by a woman and many will try to double.

“I started relatively young. I was a woman, and I was still young, so people in the industry would think ‘Oh, she’s not an editor, she’s supposed to be an assistant.’ The office was a homely, inspiring, nurturing environment, ”Patia recalled.

The wife of filmmaker Amol Gupta says she was given the opportunity to learn, apart from these (gender) stereotypes.

She continues, “I was allowed to find myself and discover my own potential. I was never harassed or criticized for being a woman. I have always maintained that good editors are bad editors, there is no other difference. I’m lucky in that respect. May be an assistant, but it is not harsh or difficult.

He calls the film industry a place of inspiration. “That way, it was great. I’m lucky to have those experiences. But there are also women who share different stories,” Patia insists.

He has been busy in various fields besides editing. Currently, he is working on a non-fiction show for a major streaming site.

He reveals, “I directed it and am in the middle to finish filming for it. Then, I edit the OTT show for Ashim Ahluwalia, so I present it. At the same time, I am working on writing a feature script. I choose my editing projects very carefully.

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