Deep Mani should make his debut as an actor and more Sikh actors should come in Bollywood

Deep Money, who has ruled the music charts for many years, now wants to branch out on the show and become an actor.

After ruling the music charts for many years, Deep Money now wants to split from the show and become an actor.

Calling his idol Diljit Dosanjh, who is also a singer-actor, he says, “He is a living legend, he has been here for over 20 years.”

But the singer believes that more Sikh actors are working in Hindi films.

“Aaj Ki Tate May Some Sikh actors are working in Bollywood, but I want it to be more. Diljit is acting well and has been acting in big films. Manjot Singh (In Fukre Fame) even a good actor. You should be proud of your religion. I am proud to be a Sikh. Aunga do main durban ke sat hai varna aisa kuch nahi hoga, ”he tells us.

Deep Hour does not think that characters are only for actors wearing turbans.

“It simply came to our notice then. You have to carry it. Diljit Baji’s good news (2019) was well received. You need to know how to carry it. Punjabis are capturing Bollywood. No one can stop you if you have talent, ”he added.

The Carrera The singer has not locked up a project yet, but he is watching the web and the movie space.

“People like the style and attitude I take in music videos. I have just started my workout, lost eight years old and am getting fit. I look forward to working on the web series and films. I should be thin now and that is my focus now, ”he continues,“ I may move to Mumbai soon. I will do what people want. I will accept roles that connect with me, make sure to give everything I can, even if I have to do a project for the year, and take acting classes.

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