Danish Sait on his wacky satire Humble Politician Nograj: ‘It’s not over, it’s not right, it’s just boonery’ ‘| Internet series

Humble politician Nokraj, who is in Wood Select’s wacky new comedy series, is on a two-year journey. “I showed this show to my wife when we were dating and she thought it was fun. We’ve got married now. A lot of time has passed,” says Danish side of the series’s creator and lead actor.

The show, which was originally created for radio based on the Danish character and later became the popular 2018 Kannada comedy film of the same name, is now a web series with 10 episodes. Like the 2018 movie, the show also oscillates between languages, but mostly in Kannada, making it one of the first Kannada web series on a big stage.

The series follows an unreasonably silly and self-conscious satire, the adorable abominable acts of the morally bankrupt corruption cartoon Nograj and all the hilarious drama surrounding his attempts to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Nokraj belongs to the OBP (a major party) and seeks to form an alliance with the FRP (Family Movement Party) against the KGB-led MSP (Krishna Kundu Bala played a brilliant Prakash Belwadi).

The new show 2018 sees the return of the same successful writer-director duo behind the film, with the Danish again working as a writer alongside his co-writer Chad Khan, who has also returned as a director.

Through Zoom, the Danish spoke to us about the reception the show has received so far, the war that has gone up, the tricky part of politics and his favorite cakes.

Edited excerpts:

What about the last few days? What has been the response to that show so far?

It was so good, a lot of people tuned in to the show, and I think that was a great deal. When you are against the wall in a backward position you are only given one season to prove that shows like this work in this language in this market, you only have one scene. And I think the number of people tuning in to the show was immense and the love and support we received was incredible. Of course, in the midst of all this, you have reviews, so it all fell into place.

I called friends and colleagues from the Karnataka film industry and told them that they were happy because the show would open up a new market, which has always been an endeavor. So, I am very happy and very grateful.

You talked about how the show has been going for two years, the long journey of finding the right partners and the site ready to support it. I think that is a big reason why you want to keep the show in Kannada? It must have been an uphill battle.

It was an uphill task. This is definitely not an easy journey. But I have to thank Mr. Samir Nair and his team at Applause Entertainment for not questioning us on the language or background of the show. Since then there have been many conversations with other stakeholders about whether the market is ready or not, but considering where we started two years ago, I think the simple politician Nokraj could not have found a better home. I will continue to be grateful to those on Voot Select for trusting the show. The Humble Politician Nokraj movie released in 2018 on Amazon Prime Video is the first Kannada movie and it started this whole journey of more Kannada movies in their service. So, I’m been battling something like this for four years and I can not say how happy I am to get to this point where I found an exclusive release on this show Wood, because it opens up opportunities for everyone. Kannada industry.

The show was full of many laughs. There is that whole ladder line, where you say to Manjunath “I thought you were a harmless introvert”. There is also a towel display with Manjunath, Patel in the bathtub and many more. What are your favorites?

I couldn’t really pick my favorite moment because it was so much fun for us. But you mentioned is interesting because, for example, I was upgrading the paddles in the bathtub on the spot. It was not even written, I said patels instead of magazines. I could hear the film crew exploding in the background.

We actually heard someone say the line “harmless introspection” line from the ladder scene, so we took it from there. Most of these were only present at this time. For example, in the same ladder scene Manjunath called me a “liar c * k p ** c”, which he (Vijay Senthur) improved on the spot. If I throw something at him in a scene, he knows it.

Sadhu and I have been improvising for a long time and this time it comes to us naturally. Not to say that most of it is not on paper, there are a lot. For example, the KGB was completely on paper. Prakash Belwadi Sir was very good in that role and improved sometimes because he is an incredible actor.

So, a lot of jokes happened during this time, thankfully for us, we worked efficiently and that too wants to work this time.

Do you have a list of your favorite cakes that have not been finalized?

There are 48 cuts (laughs) and they are all on a highly encrypted hard drive. They can not come out, because I do not know what will happen if they leave (laughs). But of course, it always happens. Platforms and manufacturing companies have their own standards and procedures and lawyers, and we have passed that on. But looking back it was okay. That’s the point of the joke, you need to know when to back off and what to add. Let me give you an example. I was not particularly kicked about the scene where Nokraj goes to see his mother, I just wanted to cut it. But the whole group wanted to keep it so I went with their call.

What was the most bizarre specific discussion you set out for a particular joke? “Should Manjunath’s towel be short?” I can imagine you all concentrating on a serious discussion saying things like that.

There are so many moments like this, I can’t list them all. For further record, Manjunath’s towel short was true again. I called him out because his towel was short. Or I even asked “Have you ever heard of waxing?” That too was improved on the spot (laughs). I’m just being in character. If you slap me with a wig and a mustache, I’m a very stupid man and I will say a lot of ridiculous things.

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How do you know if a bit or a joke is really fun? Do you follow your courage about what works in a scene?

This is very intuitive. Humor is very natural. You know if it works or not. If you smile as you write, read, create that moment, and finish editing, you will smile enough to know that it works. That’s it until you definitely lose objectivity. That’s why comedy is an incredibly difficult genre. It’s fun or not. If it makes me and the team laugh, I know it works. It’s as simple as that.

For example, some critics have said that the show wants to be a little less, but you lose objectivity. That’s the point of the joke – you have to keep going and pushing, you never know how much is enough. Especially if you have worked on something for a long time.

And it’s funny, because what’s you attacking? If you focus on laughter the story will go out the window, if you focus on the story you can forget about laughter, so this is a very complicated place to act. And I think Chad has done a great job of maintaining that balance. .

Criticisms came that he wanted it to be more serious or that there should be repercussions for Nokraj, but he could not be defeated. He never loses. Even if the wave is against him, he knows how to get to the top. And when he gets there I will tell as many jokes as I can. Even if we get a second season, he wins and I say now that he will always win.

This is obviously a brave show considering you are taking the big Indian political circus and making fun of it. Have you ever been worried about the reactions that the show might get?

Not really because everything Chad and I wanted to do was something funny. We also had the experience of Mr. Samir Nair and Team Applause Entertainment. Not to mention Mr. Prakash Belwadi, who has become an active voice in politics. Looking at his career, he was a journalist who covered news for a long time in politics before he became an actor. And looking at the show, it’s not on the left, it’s not right, it’s just buffoonery.

So, as far as the world we go to, most of it is so stupid, we don’t care. We know we are not attacking a particular person or party. The place we came from was only to honestly create a fun show. If you are trying to send a message through the show it can be really confusing or complicated, but we did not. All we wanted was 10 episodes to make people laugh.


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