Candy, Human to Forest: OTT Weaves the Web of Drugs, Crime and Content | Internet series

What is the thread that unites web shows, Candy, Man, Or ஆரண்யக்? This is the existence of a parallel storyline surrounding the drug trade, which is a fast-paced feature in the digital world.

Aside from crime thrillers, scams and real-life stories, OTT’s empire captures the dark elusive abdomen of the illicit drug trade and abuse, from fictions surrounding drug addiction to stories that explore the harsh realities of the drug world. And shows like this seem to strike the right note.

“People want to know about any industry that is a bit foreign to them, or they just feel a little curious. That’s why shows like this Money robbery, Narcos Or Sacred Games Became a global hit. You will be inspired by interesting contexts and professions, ”said Ashish R, who has linked the drug angle to the film starring Richa Saada and Ronit Roy. Shukla says. Candy.

Actor Akshay Oberoi, who was seen on the show, said, High, Stimulates the content of drug stories, because stocks are so high. “It makes for a very impressive and impressive watch. Honestly, Breaking Bad It is best understood for that reason as well. That is the reason for the popularity. Although it has always had a fan following, it was also in India recently and we started creating such content and it is very exciting to watch, ”he adds.

While shows like this may keep audiences on the edge of their seats, the makers say it is a taxing affair to delve deeper into the world of drugs to portray the subject on screen.

“This is not a happy process. It is dark and needs to be treated with particular sensitivity. But since this is the reality of our world, it is definitely worth exploring. It is interesting to explore the socio-economic implications of abuse,” he shares. ஆரண்யக் Director Vinay Vaikul.

If the drug oil was applied to Raveena Tandon’s coke wheels ஆரண்யக், Then drug use was the driving force of Telugu sports drama Lakshya. In Bombay Begum, It was used to highlight how young people are exposed to illegal substances Campus Diaries Further explores.

Not to forget, Man The series revolves around leading drug trials by Shebali Shah and Kirti Gulhari. “It was a nauseating expression that the poorest of the poor treat their lives like human guinea pigs with little regard. If we’ve going to tell this story, we have decided to tell the ugly truth, so it shows the world how wrong this is all going to be, ”said Moses Singh, co-director of the show.

Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta will also be directing a series on drug queen Sasikala ‘Baby’. In fact, there is also a rumor that actor Randeep Hooda is in talks for a web show dealing with the drug mafia in Punjab.

What is the driving force behind the popularity of this trend? Shukla believes this is the result of shows made in the West like this Narcos, Thrill, Breaking Bad, Osark, These are all global successes.

“Once anything becomes internationally popular, by category, it sells like hot cakes. People are starting to focus on it. It is easier to sell the Indian version of Nargos Ka or the Desi version of Breaking Bad in India, and even OTT platforms are keen to take it, ”he stressed.

However, choosing a subject like drug abuse, instead of making it sexy, comes with a huge responsibility of setting the tone of the issue correctly.

“There is a responsibility not to encourage the use of storytelling. We try to show that doing drugs is not awesome and what effects it has. The lens is important for how you portray the story, ”says screenwriter Sarudhat Acharya, adding that this is because drug use has become a major issue in recent times.


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