BTS’s RM reveals Govt-19 presence in his family, apologizes to his father: ‘I think my dad got it from me’

BTS members RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook recently held a live session on V Live. They talked about many topics including their health, upcoming Las Vegas concert, Seoul concert, hair color. Due to his recent surgery, BTS’s gin was not part of the live session. However, the other members came up with a soft puppet of RJ, the BT21 character representing Gene. (Read more

BTS members talked about the high number of Govt-19 cases and asked the military to take care of them. “No one in my family has received it yet,” Jung said. RM, “Everyone in my family got it. I think my dad got it from me … sorry dad.” Suka said, “My dad got caught, and then my mom did too.”

As Twitter user btsbaragi_jk translated, Suka added, “Everybody gets it these days, so you have to be careful. There were some symptoms so .. “

He was infected with the corona virus in December along with RM Gin. Both recovered in January. Suka, Jimin and V have also been diagnosed with Covit-19 and are recovering.

Talking about his health, Jim thought he would yell that he had “anemia”. Jung told him, “You will fall that way again” RM told him to be careful.

They also talked about the Las Vegas concert next month. They discussed not doing a concert yet in Las Vegas and Suka explained about the weather. In April it was “very nice” but then in the summer it would be very hot, he said. Jimin said, “They said about 28 அங்கே there? I do not know, I think so.” V, “Aha .. what do we do with our clothes?” And Suka added, “Obviously the evening will be better.”

When asked by a fan why RM only dyed his hair, the BTS chairman replied, “Excuse me guys. I’ll change it soon.” I was able to see RM playing blonde hair at the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Seoul earlier this month.

Recalling the time they were at the concert, RM said, “I’m going to say this now, but we can never hear the applause when we wear in-ears, so it was sad.” Jung replied, “That’s why I took it off.” Suka added, “Usually your ears fail when you remove the inner-ear properly? But this time it was much quieter and quieter.”

BTS members are currently preparing for the Las Vegas concert in April. BTS has extended permission to perform on stage for four shows at the Alligator Stadium in Las Vegas. They are scheduled to perform at the venue on April 8, April 9, April 15 and April 16.

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