BTS ‘V shares pictures of him browsing through 1970s music albums and posing with saxophones, saying:’ Lover vibes too much ‘

While browsing through the 1970s and 1960s music records and posing for pictures, BTS member V shared pictures of his day with his friend. On Instagram, V shared his first post on the platform after recovering from Kovit-19. In the first picture, a neon light board read ‘Listen’. It was followed by a photo of V sitting with his friend on a stage smiling with several instruments, including a drum. (Read more

In the next few photos, you can see the BTS ‘V browsing through logs stacked from floor to ceiling. In one picture, V can be seen looking at his phone while sipping a drink next to a bike. V also posed in front of an art area on a wall and he sat on the floor surrounded by trumpets and saxophones and shared a glass selfie.

On the last slide, V shared a picture of his drink, translated as @BTStranslation_, “Eat tasty 🙂 but beautiful”. V, who shared the pictures, added round eyes and a face showing a dazzling emoji. For her day out, V chose a white T-shirt, gray pants, a black coat and scarf. The mask was also worn.

ARMY, BTS fans, shared his pictures on Twitter. One person tweeted, “He means so much Valentine.” One fan wrote, “Did this man say there were no boyfriend vibes in his photos? Daheung, you’re really a metaphor for this, I’m comfortable looking at these photos seriously.”

“I have no words to say because it’s so beautiful. I love this man so much. It’s absolutely perfect in appearance,” said another person. One fan also tweeted, “POV: – Your Valentine Day went to the jazz store to buy some albums .. You both were enjoying quality time. Him (honest) …. You thought how hard you fell for this man.”

BTS Phantom responded by sharing his pictures on Twitter.
BTS Phantom responded by sharing his pictures on Twitter.
ARMY shared tweets.
ARMY shared tweets.

One fan said, “Daheung, your hands look heavy. I’m holding them for you.” Another fan tweeted, “Lover vibes too much from these pictures.” “I have no other words but that he looks like a dream, very perfect and very handsome,” said another person.

Earlier this week, BTS named 2021 IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year, becoming the first company to win the award in two years. Their Japanese album BTS topped the Oricon Year-End album charts in Japan at the end of THE BEST 2021, the first non-domestic action in 37 years, according to Reuters, citing IFPI.

BTS holds permission to dance at stage concerts in Las Vegas and Seoul. Fans in South Korea will enjoy their show in Seoul in March, while they will be performing in the United States in April. BTS nominated for Best Pop Double / Team Performance at this year’s Grammy Awards for their Butterfly song.

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