BTS stars Sukha and Janguk’s OST Stay Alive break many records, ARMY calls them ‘Myths of Miracle’

Stay Alive, the original soundtrack of Weptun 7 Fates Sacco, produced by BTS member Suka with Jungkook’s voices, has broken many records. The song was released on Friday on Webtoon’s official YouTube channel. This track has been praised by BTS fans ARMY.

BTS’s Stay Alive episode was released on February 4 with the fourth episode of Weptoon. This is the first time Webtone OST has been used as background music in global releases in all 10 languages. According to Hybe, Stay Alive is a pop ballad that has the potential to complete the storyline depicting conflicts between humans and the Beam tribes in a corrupt world.

The title, Stay Alive, is an intervention for the characters in the story as they try to live in an evil world. The lyrics explore the curious heart of an isolated boy and the message to himself and the friends he meets.

According to Soompi, Stay Alive topped the iTunes Best Songs chart within three hours of being released in 51 different regions. The song became the fastest song of a Korean solo to reach No. 1 in 80 different regions within 6 hours. Within 14 hours of its release, it became No. 1 on iTunes’ Best Songs chart in at least 93 regions across the country.

Japan, USA, France, UK, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia.

In the song’s comments section on YouTube, ARMY praised the track. One person wrote, “Junguk’s voice is really different. He really has no limits as a singer and I’m so proud of them for completing the production of Suka.” “Jungkook’s voices heal the pain inside, Yongki’s production and music saves lives, and this translation by Stay Alive embraces hard hearts during difficult days. I’m proud to be in the military,” one fan said.

“Jungook has 20 singers. He’s versatile as a singer!” One person commented. “The real truth: Junguk’s voice is a joke. His voice is very soft and healing,” said another fan. “This song feels like a loving warmth. The jungles voice is really different … my heart was pounding when I heard it. For 2 minutes I felt like I was in a different world,” one wrote. “My eyes suddenly got wet … it’s so good … his voice is not funny … Jung and Suka really did their best to bring out this masterpiece …” says another fan.

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The webtone, released on January 15, features all BTS members, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The characters have to fight in a war between humans and tigers. He plays RM Du-Jion, Jin Hwan, Suka Is Cheena and Jay-Hope Hosu on the web. Starring Jimin Haru, V Juan, and Janguk Jeha.

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