BTS ‘Permission to Dance in Seoul Stage 1: V splits members, ARMY Jimin’s new tattoo. See

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook returned to the stage on Thursday and performed live in front of ARMY in Seoul for the first time since 2019. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; For the group at the Olympic Stadium, to dance on stage Seoul. For their first day concert, BTS members gave permission for dance, IDOL, DNA, Life Goes On, Baepsae, Dis-ease, Fake Love, Life Goes On, ON, Black Swan, Airplane Pt 2 and So What. (Read more | BTS: Jungkook shares lip piercing selfies on Instagram, post gets 1.7 million likes in 30 minutes, ARMY ‘going crazy’))

BTS members were seen in various costumes throughout the show. Vocal line members Jin, Jimin, V and Jung were also seen on a cart filled with purple balloons. While Jin and Suka wore long hair, RM dyed his hair blonde.

During one of their performances, I was able to see members roaming the stage as Jay-Hope rap. RM was seen barking like a dog. V pretended to be an animal and stood on all fours. Jim did the work and the robot dance. Jin gave silly expressions, while Suka and Jung sang the song.

At another point during their show, Junguk grabbed Suka and rapped and danced. The other members also gave a different pose near Suka, and they laughed too. Throughout the concert, members danced to their full potential amidst the purple wave.

Suka, who turned 29 on Wednesday, was also seen singing BTS members’ birthday songs in Korean. He is 30 years old according to Korean culture. The members sang around him without composing music and Suka danced to stand in the middle. At one point in the concert, he saw RM trying to use a portable confetti machine at ARMY, but it didn’t work. Then he rushed over and picked up another one but to no avail. RM, who was trying several times, took the mic from the stage, smiled and ran away.

During the concert, fans got new tattoos in the gym. As he danced, the Army saw a crescent moon painted black. A few fans also saw another tattoo behind Jimin’s ear, a symbol of infinity. In retaliation, a fan posted on Twitter, “What are you waiting for?” Someone said on Instagram, “This is so beautiful. It’s like the lunar phase of their launch date.” One fan wrote, “I want to know if it’s just the moon or more.” Another fan said, “Ya he and JK got new tattoos together !!” “Wait a minute,” one fan said.

Fans also saw the new tattoo on the gym.
Fans also saw the new tattoo on the gym.

The Govt-19 rules prohibited all shouting, chanting or singing, so the Army was only able to applaud for the concert. At the concert, V said, “Then we faced the empty seats and danced to the camera, but now we see the armies, so my heart is pounding, I’m happy.” He added, “You’re not the only one who feels embarrassed (not screaming), it’s us too!”

Jimin and V on stage.
Jimin and V on stage.
BTS's Gin, Jim, V and Jung on top of a cart.
BTS’s Gin, Jim, V and Jung on top of a cart.

He added, “Today’s thin dust was so bad, so I’m worried. I just wanted to say no! I’m coughing with thin dust! I’m so hopeful, we thought we should have a lot of fun! Everyone’s not listening to your applause, I did not hear your voice, I just wanted to hear your voice more, and I’re aiming to hear your voice next time! Two more days left? Let’s make a lot of happy memories! “

Jimin said, “Hello, this is Second Class Room 5 Jim. It’s been a while! We’ve all been waiting for this for a long time, and we missed each other so much. Initially, when doing the sound check, it was weird. Look at the army. I felt that. ”

RM said, “We did not realize how precious it is to be together and to jump together. It was taken lightly. I would lie if it did not affect us. We had a lot of restrictions … I think. We took a big step, I really wanted to sing at home,” It made sense, because it’s my real home, and I’m so glad to see you.

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