BTS ‘Junk reveals what he thought after opening his jacket during a Seoul concert

BTS member Jung responded to a fan who asked about the jacket being taken off during a recent concert in Seoul. On the last day of permission to dance on stage, Junguk was able to be seen struggling with it when he opened his blazer button. During their Fake Love show, Junguk struggled and laughed as the button kept opening. He fixed it after a few attempts. (Read more | Day 3 on the BTS PTD stage in Seoul: Jangook fights with his blazer button, laughing as it opens during the concert. See)

Recently, he conducted a live session with other team members RM, Suka, J-Hope, Jimin and V at Junguk V Live. However, Jin was not with them because he had surgery for an injury to his finger.

During the live broadcast, one fan asked, “What happened to Jungkook’s shirt during Fake Love?” At this point, when asked if the Suka button actually came out, Junk said Twitter user @btsbaragi_jk translated it as “unpacked”. The other members began to tease him. Suka asked, “Didn’t you do it on purpose?” Jimin said, “You just kept smiling and smiling.” RM said, “I saw him before we went (on stage) and he was pulling it (the thread) a lot.”

Junk said, “The reason I laughed was because I buttoned it once, but I was stunned when it crashed again.” Suka recalls once before RM accidentally tore Jungkook’s buttons. To this Junguk said, “I thought. Since it has already been unwrapped, should I unwrap another one? Should I unwrap it completely?”

I think it would be nice to take it off one day. ” To which Jung replied, “No, not for me. I’m not ready yet.” Jimin added, “As far as I know, at the time, the fans could not suppress their cheers and a noise came from their mouths.” During the concert he talked about the time when Junkuk Blazer was unveiled.

Suka asked Jung, “I heard you put oil on the third day and went inside.” While RM and J-Hope were smiling, Junguk said, “But I always do it because I have to show my stomach. Always be ready.”

Speaking of Jin, Suka said he was resting and Jim said he was fine. RM said, “Don’t worry too much, guys, he said it was okay. The surgery was short, honestly he was okay.” I saw live RJ’s soft toy character BT21, a representative of Gin. Referring to it, Janguk said, “That’s why this friend (RJ) came. Jimin said,” Jin Hyung (brother) told us to congratulate him guys. We saw him today “and RM added,” As soon as we saw him, he was fine. “

Next, their conversation went to their Instagram accounts. Suka asked Jay-Hop if he had deleted all his Instagram photos. Jay-Hope replied, “No. I transferred a couple to the archive. I did not delete it. I moved them to the archive. You can bring them back later. I searched about it.”

Jim also talked about why he doesn’t share posts frequently on Instagram. He said, “On Instagram, I can not go into it because I’m afraid I’ll be pressing something wrong.” RM persuaded him to share, so he said he would.

Members ended the session by saying they would hold another live in Las Vegas. BTS will host the show on April 8, April 9, April 15 and April 16 at the Allianz Stadium in Las Vegas.

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