BTS: J-Hope Magic Shop lyrics, self-designed Merch, Jimin and We Turn models have goofy poses. See

BTS member Jay-Hope on Tuesday unveiled a personalized business for the band’s favorite ARMY. As part of the collection created by his artist, Jay-Hope introduced the Hope Pot set and side mini bag. Both products have hidden meanings.

In a video posted on Weverse and VLive, BTS ‘J-Hope Hope Pot Set comes with four small gardeners and the owner can grow any plant of their choice, Hope Pot set host and team member Jin told. Jay-Hope did not release the workings on the pots, but said he was trying to convey a message. “Whenever I am not near or invisible, I will always be by your side,” he said.

On Twitter, fans broke the news. The Twitter account J-Hope pics shared pictures decoding the message in the pot and the contents of the bag. A photo shared on the tweet reads, “Hosock’s pots say his lyrics from the magic shop: like a rose when it blooms, like a cherry blossom when it blooms, like the glory of a morning when it withers, like those beautiful moments.” Netizen captioned the post, “Hobby’s Hope Pat Set, His Magic Shop Songs and Mini Pack is the Blue Page.”

On Twitter, fans broke the news.
On Twitter, fans broke the news.
Fans shared the news.
Fans shared the news.

Another fan tweeted, “Hobi’s merch is a ‘H (heart emoji) PE’ shaped plant pot and a magic shop song written in his handwriting.” “Put the lyrics of the Hobby Magic store in pots, God damn it so cute,” said another Twitter user.

In the video, Jay-Hope said he put his bag about ‘shaping the heart and soul’. The BTS member called his bag fashionable and practical. Responding to his bag, a Twitter user wrote, “Hobby used the Blue Side as the concept of his mini side bag.”

“The design of Hobby’s mini bag was inspired by his Blue Side track, named after its blue shade and side.” His music truly transcends all forms of art, “said another fan. Another person tweeted,” It was used to visualize Taehyung’s business before our eyes. “

In the video, V and Jung pose as models of the bag. Both developed goofy poses, and pretended to exercise and posed like athletes as the bag showed.

As the two began to take things out of the bag in a fun way, Jay-Hope said, “It’s like a comic book scene. Later V and Jimin also stood like mannequins when explaining J-Hope and Gin products to the audience. At the end of the video, Jay-Hope reveals that the carvings on the pots were from the Track Magic Shop.

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On Twitter, a fan who responded to Jimin and Wee’s pranks wrote, “Either vmin mannequins or kids, it still works, it’s amazing.” “These QVC models kill me with their‘ unusual poses ’,” said another fan. A Twitter user wrote, “Why do models try when there is a vmin?” “Never had a dull moment with vmin,” said another fan.


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