BTS calls ARMY V’s 10 glass selfies ‘boyfriend stuff’ and asks Jin to step in: ‘Represent us in the comment section’

When BTS member V shared his ten glass selfies on Monday, he entertained the group’s favorite ARMY. On Instagram, she shared a post of herself standing in front of a mirror and exposing her outfits in various poses. The pictures were taken for several months. In the first post, he wore a brown coat paired with cream colored pants and sports glasses. In the next picture, she was wearing a black sweater, white pants and a matching jacket. (Read more | BTS ‘V shares pictures while browsing 1970s music albums and posing with saxophones, fans say:’ Boyfriend vibes too much ‘)

For the third selfie, he was wearing brown pants and a white T-shirt with permed hair. The picture was taken last year, when V showed off his new hairstyle during BTS’s song Butter release.

In the next picture, she chose a red T-shirt and white pants. Picture taken during a BTS V live session in May last year. In the next glass selfies, V played with a gray pants-suit, a pair of red pants and a black jacket and a black dress. In many of his films he wore different brown coats and jackets. V shared the caption for the post, “I was rearranging my album (gallery / camera roll) and (the person wearing the suit was carrying the emoji).”

Fan translated Vi's Instagram title.
Fan translated Vi’s Instagram title.

ARMY took to Twitter and responded to his post on Instagram. One fan wrote, “Dahiyung’s phone gallery may be full of mirror celcas. Where is Jin ??? Siokjin-ah, please represent us in the comment section.”

Earlier in February, when V shared a post on Instagram, Jin commented, “Oh this is a boyfriend movie.” V replied, “My dream boyfriend is to be the subject of the film.” He later deleted the record.

One fan who responded to V’s latest Instagram post said, “Daheyung is a kind boyfriend, ‘Babe, this is my dress for our date, is it good?’ Tweeted. #V. ” “Taheung’s many lover subject pictures !!!” Said another fan. “And we are blessed by Taheung Mirror Selka (Selby),” wrote another Twitter user.

“I could not believe that a mirror interacts more with Day than we do,” one said. “We still can not believe that we got so many glass pictures at once, the user thv blesses us,” wrote another. Another fan tweeted, “My heart beats a million. Oh my God.” One fan said, “He’s so good, I really like this type of day.” “The Taheung challenged the Mirror Selkas 365 days a year and published them all for us,” one wrote.

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