Bridgeton: Responding to the confusion over the use of the ‘Hindustani’ language, Reddit said, ‘It is not like Hindi’ | Internet series

The second season of Netflix’s hit series Bridgestone, which started streaming on the OTT site on Friday, features a major representation of Indian culture. The series stars Simon Ashley as Kate Sharma and Charithra Chandran as his sister Edwina Sharma, and is full of little details about Indian traditions such as the pre-wedding Haldi ceremony. A scene like this, which refers to languages ​​in India, has now sparked controversy on social media. Read also | Charitra Chandran of Bridgerton recalled shedding tears while listening to the song Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham during filming.

A Reddit user recently released a clip from the first episode of the Netflix series in which Kate speaks proudly of her sister’s linguistic skills to Lady Dunbury (played by Adjova Ando). Edwina speaks a line in French, after which Kate says, “He is fluent in both Latin and Greek, except Marathi and Hindustani, of course.” The Reddit user titled the video, “Does she speak Hindustani fluently ?! Man” and suggested that Kate should have used the word Hindi to describe the language.

However, many Reddit users soon abandoned the notion that Hindustani was the correct word for the widely spoken language in India, not Hindustani. One wrote, “According to Google: ‘Hindustani is the language of North India and Pakistan. Hindustani, Urdu and Hindi are the two official languages ​​of Pakistan and India respectively.’

Another user explained, “O.P., the language spoken by many North Indians is called Hindustani because it contains a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. Most of us do not speak ‘sud’ Hindi. If they had mentioned, she would have spoken ‘Indian’. ‘ It’s what you want it to be. A third wrote, “No one speaks Hindi or Khalis Urdu. We speak a mixture of the two created in Hindustani.”

One commenter said, “Brother Hindi and Hindustani are not one in the same. They are truly different languages. And we call what we speak primarily Hindustani. Hindi is very complex.” Another joked that OP should have done a Google search before commenting.

Based on a series of books of the same name written by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton follows eight members of the Bridgerton family as they try to find love in Regency-era England. The second season of the period drama focuses on the love life of Lord Anthony Bridgeton, the elder Bridgeton sibling played by Jonathan Bailey, who is looking for a wife.

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