Bridgetan 2 Teaser: Simon Ashley, Jonathan Bailey Nostalgic Look Like Lady Whistle Down ‘Sharpening Knives’ | Internet series

Bridgeton 2 Teaser: The second season focuses on the new debut Kate Sharma’s love story, starring Simone Ashley and Anthony Bridgeton, played by Jonathan Bailey.

On Valentine’s Day, Netflix released the brand new teaser for the second season of the Bridgerton show. The first season of the Netflix series premiered in 2020 and retained the title of the most-watched show on the streaming platform for some time.

Bridgeton 2 is based on the new debut love story of Kate Sharma, starring Simone Ashley and Anthony Bridgeton, played by Jonathan Bailey. The teaser begins with footage of ‘anonymous’ columnist Lady Whistledown presenting her latest episode about her identity being speculated. While Ur wonders who she is, she says she’s sharpening knives’.

The minute-long teaser is packed with snippets of Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgeton exchanging glances – he greets her with a nod in a row, while she turns her gaze to reveal their growing romantic initial tension. The teaser also features shots of a stunning royal ball, which Kate wears silver from head to toe and walks into the scene.

The first season of the show focused on the romance between Simon Bassett, played by Reese-Jean Page, and Daphne Bridgeton, played by Phoebe Dinever. When he returned for the second season, Reese-Jean left the series after a very successful first season.

Earlier this month, Chris van Dussen, a Bridgeton creator who adapted a time series from Julia Quinn’s novels, told Entertainment Weekly: “I had a clear vision of Season 1 and I was given the freedom to follow it. Then the show came out and started to capture the world. It was all very surreal. Being true to my original vision (for Season 2) was very challenging, but it made me even more down.

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He said of focusing on different pairs this season: “It was my intention to follow up with a different Bridgerton sibling each season.”

Bridgeton 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on March 25th.

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