Brand New Morning Rule Review: Amazon Prime Oncology is about rejuvenating relationships during a lockout.

Amazon Prime’s second ontology brand new morning rule, set around the plague, provides a refreshing look at life and relationships during the lockout. While not all stories leave the desired impact, the set is still entirely satisfactory. Compared to the previous version of that collection, we get more complete and relevant stories in the new. With some surprising options like Nadia Moidu and JoJo George, the choice to select very young actors worked strongly in favor of it.

The first short film – Balaji Mohan’s masked kiss – follows two police constables, Murugan and Quili, who love each other. As part of their duty post, they usually meet and slowly begin to express their feelings to each other. Once Quillie is hired elsewhere, they begin to miss each other. When they begin to realize that they do not have each other, a young man seeks their help – he asks them to help him prevent his girlfriend from forcing him into an arranged marriage. Murugan and Quillie try their best to stop the marriage and they get closer in the process as they help the girl run away with her boyfriend.

This is one of the most beautiful stories of oncology – one of the delights of exploring the love between two young guards in the most unusual places. DJ and Gauri, as the lead actors, are terrifying and they have acted eagerly to make their characters and performances real and believable. Their chemistry keeps the whole area alive.

Halita Shamim’s Loners highlights the need to be loved and cared for, especially during infections. This section follows the story of Nallathangal (Nalla). She recently ended her relationship with her boyfriend and is now stuck in her apartment. She finds it very difficult to be at home, so she joins the online video room ‘Loners in Lockdown’. This is where she meets the decision she made earlier in another video room. Deeran is dealing with the loss of his close friend due to Kovit-19 and is broken from the inside. Nalla and Deeran both talk and heal each other.

Halita continues to tell us stories that touch all the right courts. Those who are lonely emphasize the importance of keeping an open mind and not judging. Leading actors Lijomol Jose and Arjun Das have played their respective parts very firmly and we feel their broken hearts.

Madhumita’s Silent View starring Nadia and Jojo George is very popular. It explores the bond between husband Murali and wife Yashoda, an elderly couple who have not spoken to each other for some time due to a major quarrel. What really makes this story unique is that the characters do not utter any words, but seamlessly convey to the audience what they mean to each other. This short film beautifully explores what it really takes to care about someone without expressing them in words. Nadia and Jojo George are both incredibly trouble-free in this category.

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Surya Krishna’s The Mask is a simple story of friendship between two schoolmates Arjun and Velu, who reunite after many years of epidemics. Arjun is an IT professional and he has been keeping a secret for years – he is a homosexual and finds it difficult to get out with his parents. When he meets Velu after a long day, he gains the courage to deal with his situation. Although this section chooses the most convenient decision to express its opinion, it is to be commended for touching on an important issue. Dilip Subramanian walks away with all the brownie points for his elegant performance in this short film. His acting choice is very unique and it has worked well.

The shadowy location of Richard Antony follows the story of a woman in her thirties named Shobi, played by Aishwarya Lexmi, who discovers her father died of a heart attack. This section is about dealing with grief and finding purpose in life. The story is a straightforward approach to dealing with loss and Aishwarya is amazing as Shobha trying to control her life.

Brand new morning rule

Directors: Balaji Mohan, Madhumita, Halita Shamim, Richard Antony and Surya Krishna.

actors: DJ Arunachalam, Gauri Kishan, Lijomol Jose, Arjun Das, Nadia Moidu, Joju George, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Nirmal Pillai, Sanand and Dilip Subramanian.

ott: 10


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