Imagine you visit an online store. You place your orders and proceed on to pay. You receive your purchases and start celebrating. On the next day, you go for dinner in a nearby restaurant. You order your meals they serve you with joy. However, when the time comes for paying for the dish, you find that your credit card has zero balance. You wonder what happened yet you had several thousand dollars. Well, you’re a cybercrime victim. Would you go back to the store in the future? Certainly, no. When finding an international e-commerce platform, security needs to be your priority. Your website must ensure all customers and business data is secure. But how can you boost your data security on your e-commerce website? Here are the three top ways of realizing that objective:

Ensure your platform is PCI compliant

Your customer card details are a fertile ground for cybercriminals. They find an opportunity to rob the customer information and use it to earn benefits. Any conscious customer will not purchase products from a website that turns them into cybercrime victims.  In this essence, you must prove to your customers that their information is secure. One way to do this is ensuring you international e-commerce platform is PCI compliant. By this, it means that customers can use their cards to pay you without any fear of hacking. Hence, if you want to boost your sales, you must ensure your e-commerce solution meets the PCI standards.

Make sure the platform of your choice has the SSL protocol

SSL protocol is a security feature crucial to your online interaction. This feature enables you to encrypt all your data and conversations. This way, it becomes hard for a third party to access the information. As you know, cybercriminals target any opening or gap in your site. Unsecured information exchange can be a fertile ground for them. However, SSL protocol saves you from a long day in trying to save your site through offering you effective data security.

Update your software regularly

Cybercriminals update their strategies with new changes in the software. However, developers give them a hard day in the field by having frequent updates of their system. As a webpreneur, you must follow suit. Always ensure you international e-commerce platform operates on updated software. Mainly, if you are running your website on self-hosted or open source platforms, you must work hard in updating your software. Hence, ensure your international e-commerce platform runs on updated software to keep hackers away.