Biography of Pi Actor Suraj Sharma: The Real Screen Representation of Still Missing People of color in the West | Hollywood

Actor Sooraj Sharma believes that even though Hollywood has become an all-encompassing place, what is still missing is the true representation of colors. He believes that adding variety behind the camera will now lead the industry in the right direction.

“It simply came to our notice then. I feel that there is no real representation of color on the screen in the stories, and the general description of the world is whether it is history books or wherever you look. That is what is missing, ”Sharma tells us.

For Hollywood, lack of talent is not an issue, but a lack of people to run the content strategy.

He explains, “As far as the industry (in the West) is concerned, there are a lot of exceptionally talented actors. Being in the color behind the screen is not like a problem, problem or solution. Where decisions are made and where stories are told. Because, at the end of the day, an actor executes what is in the screenplay. The script is controlled by the person who writes it or the producers. The more people of color see themselves in those situations and circumstances, the more true the stories to be told… and then that becomes the perspective of specific social strata of the world. I feel like it’s gone now. “

However, the Delhi-born actor is optimistic as he can see things changing for the better. “That’s what is happening now – evolving and growing more and more. And (if) it continues we are in a better place,” he adds.

Sharma caught the attention when she made her debut by winning an Oscar in Hollywood The life of the bag In 2012, it followed Million dollar hand, homeland Now regular series on sitcom, How I met your fatherIt is streamed on Disney + Hotstar in India.

One thing that does not work at this point is tokenism over actual reflection. He chose an example of his show, which is a very popular spin-off How I met your motherTo explain.

“Trying to portray New York in a realistic way is a big positive for the diversity show. It’s not going to happen without showing how the world is. Tokenism is one thing, but not always the best thing. In this case, it does not feel like tokenism. That’s the difference, that’s why it’s so important, “he concludes Billari Actor.

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