Big Boss 15 Big Fights: Tejaswi Prakash Fights Shamita Shetty From Umar Riaz And Pratik Sehajpal To Reduce Age

The Big Boss show is similar to fights and quarrels, and this season is no different. Big Boss 15 witnessed some bad arguments, sometimes escalating into physical exchanges until Big Boss took matters into his own hands. Omar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty and Tejaswi Prakash, Devolina Bhattacharjee and Abhijit Bichukale and Karan Kundra and Tejaswi created headlines for the show.

Here are some of the biggest fights Big Boss 15 viewers have seen this season:

Big Boss’s sentence dismissal for Umar Riyaz

Earlier this month, Umar allegedly physically assaulted Pratik during the Ticket to Final task. During the task, the contestants were asked to transfer the opposing team players from their seats. Umar pushed Pratik with all his might and knocked him to the ground. It was then that Big Boss intervened with a stern warning, calling him for Umar’s inappropriate behavior: “Big Boss has strict rules regarding physical violence in the home,” he said. Later, it was revealed that Umar was expelled from the show following the episode.

Tejaswi called Shamita ‘Aunty’.

In the week before the show’s finale, Tejaswi came of age, referring to fellow contestant Shamita Shetty as ‘an aunt’. During a task on the show, Shamita massaged Tejaswi’s boyfriend Karan Kundra, which prompted Tejaswi to comment: “Before this, you had never taken your work so seriously.” When Shamita yelled at Karan in response, Tejaswi added: “Lo aunty chaat kai us pe (aunty is still after him).” “It’s a task, you have no job calling me Auntie,” Shamita retorted. Celebrities like Bipasha Basu and former Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan have criticized Tejaswi for his words.

When Tejaswi said ‘it’s over’ with Karan

Tejaswi and Karan’s love affair is one of the highlights of Bigg Boss 15, and so are their fights. Tejaswi lost his composure as Tejaswi Karan and Umar Riyaz described Shamita as the winner in a task against the copy. Following Tejaswi’s remarks, an angry Karan responded with rude remarks, “Apne graphene me janko (take care of yourself first).” Tejaswi shouted again: “Fo ***** pa ** s to end a conversation standing.” Karan replied: “Sal a apni shakal tek (go and look at your face).” Later, Tejaswi broke up in front of Pratik and Nishant Bhatt. “Who’s talking to their girlfriend like that? I’m done fu *****,” she said.

The disgusting story of Devolina and Abhijit

Abhijit was once pulled by Devalina for repeatedly asking him to kiss her. When she called him out, he joked about everything. Angered, Dovolina told him, “Cross the line cross (do not cross the fort),” and added: , While picking up a stone in an attempt to hit Abhijit during a mission, Devolina saw Abhijit being bitten. Earlier, Abhijit tried to hit Devolina with a bottle, saying, “Ek number ka kandaki hai tu (you are disgusting).”

Karan ‘Open Challenge’ for copy:

During a mission, Pratik Sehjpal called Karan for hitting an unknown Nishant bar. In retaliation, Karan barraged the opponent and slapped him on the body, following which the two physically fought. Karan knocked Pratik into the ground with some sort of choke-slam. Later, Karan made an ‘open challenge’ to the replica fight, prompting the response from him: “Main sir fat ke jawunga apka, yat rakna (remember, I will break your head before I leave).” Many viewers of the show pointed out that even though Umar was expelled for violence after Umar was expelled in January, not much action was taken against Karan.

Devolina and Rashmi became friends:

Devolina Bhattacharjee and Rashmi Desai, who were friends on the show, were part of a big fight, with the honor of a Ticket to Final Task mediated by Rocky Sawant. Rashmi lost her mind to Devolina after Rakhi told her that Devolina had asked her not to hand over the ‘ticket’ to the final round. She went ahead to hit Devolina and only stopped when Rajiv Aditya intervened. “You’re a liar, you take advantage of others,” Rashami told Devolina: “How dare you touch me.”

Simba throws Umar into the pool:

Simba Nagpal, when fighting with Umar, threw him into the pool in rage. During a fight, Simba dragged Umar’s brother Azim Riyaz into a conversation that did not go well with Umar. When Umar called him by name, Simba lost his temper and shouted: “Empty hand?” (How can you abuse him?). “He was seen pushing Umar into the pool when other rivals tried to stop him. Later, Umar also accused Simba of calling himself a ‘terrorist’, which the latter denied.

Salman scolded Abhijit for speaking ill of him.

Salman Khan, the host of the show, often draws contestants for crossing a boundary in the show and slammed Abhijit for speaking ill of him. Salman said he would personally ensure that he was evicted from the house if he continued to use abusive language. Following this, Abhijit became defensive and wanted to talk to Salman again, who covered him up with a kind of threat. “Tu bolega, main kar me aage tereko mar ke jawunga (if you speak, I will enter the house and beat you)” he said. Saddened by Salman’s words, Abhijit said, “Baat me kaya apka show (to hell with your show)!” Replied. Trying to get out of the show, Abhijit walked towards the gates.

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When Afsana Khan targeted Shamita:

Afsana Khan and Shamita are also not seen in Bigg Boss 15. In a heated fight, Apsana once said about Shamita’s celebrity status that if she leaves the house, no one will recognize Shamita. Apsana even refers to her age as ‘intelligence’. In the weekend episode of Ka War, Salman scolded Afana for attacking Shamita: Kadia Aurath (Shamita is old, it’s time for her to sit at home. She’s cheap).

The Big Boss 15 final is set to take place over the weekend. Karan Kundra, Nishant Bhatt, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, Rashmi Desai and Tejaswi Prakash are in the finals of the show.

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