Bhumika Chawla: ‘People think you have a baby so you are not interested in work’ | Bollywood

Bhumika Chawla, who is most famous for her role opposite Salman Khan in the film Tere Naam, has said that people often feel that she is not interested in work because she is married to an actor and has a child.

Bhumika started her journey in 2000 and worked in some Tamil and Telugu films before her first Hindi film Tere Naam was released in 2003. After working in films for a few years, Bhumika married her boyfriend, yoga teacher Bharat Thakur, in 2007. His son Yash, in 2014.

When asked about her work, Bhumika told the Times of India, “I’m walking on a rope. On the one hand, producers and directors need to see me to understand that I’m still working so they can approach me. If you do not see. So people think you’re not interested. So social media and PR will be useful at that time. “

He said that he has never retired and has been working in South Indian films. “I currently have three films to release. Currently, I have a film that was supposed to start in October-November last year. But it was delayed due to a date issue and then there was the Omigran wave. I acted in another Hindi film which was supposed to be released in January-February but that too due to epidemic It’s too late. I understand now that OTT is very possible. “

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In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Bhumika spoke openly about working as soon as her son was born. He said that he acted in a Kannada film six months after his son was born. Next, he worked on the sports biography of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. He has acted in three films in Telugu.

He added that he has been working for the last seven years since the birth of his son. “Probably, I’m not seen much here (in Hindi cinema), so people considered it. I’m always been a quiet person who enjoys being in my own place and focused on work.” He also stressed that it is important to continue working after having children. He also said that if you stop working for children, you will be left alone as they grow up.

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