Bhumika Chawla: I may have been out of sight, but not without work | Bollywood

Actress Bhumika Chawla admired how people felt she was out of work because she was not out of public view, and admitted that she felt the importance of being seen on the show.

The தேரே நாம் (2013) The actor acknowledged that his priorities had changed after becoming a mother, but he did not put his work on Packburner to focus on his personal life.

“After Yash (his son) was born in 2014, six months after he was born I made a film in Kannada. After that film, I got to work MS Dhoni: The Untold StoryFollowing that I did three films in Telugu, one of which was a huge success and a Hindi remake will be available soon, ”Chawla tells us.

He added, “I have done decent and good work for the last seven years since Yash was born. But yes, probably, I’m not seen much here (in Hindi cinema), so people thought so. I have always been a quiet person, enjoying being in my own place and focusing on my work.

He has worked not only in Hindi cinema but also in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil films Killing Time, U Turn, Stolen Hobbies, Same Ma Story, SeethimarAnd Kamoshi.

The 43-year-old admitted that he was asked why his friends from the southern film industry and Bollywood did not look around him.

“I always explained that I did not know if I wanted to do this part of my job. But in the end, I finally gave it up and realized it was important to look at it,” he admits.

Opening up about changing his priorities after embracing motherhood, the actor explains, “You can offer your duties and appoint people to help you. But spending time with children or doing things with others is not something that can be done. In the early years you have to give them time. Luckily for the last few years I have been working continuously but the number of my films may have decreased.

However, Chawla is adamant that it will never restrain his interest in art.

“If you know how to find a balance between your work and your family, that’s good. And it should not stop working because one day when the kids grow up, you will be surprised and say, ‘I do not know what to do anymore.’ So, pursue their dreams and move on with their lives. It is important that they continue to work as hard as they can, ”he concludes.

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