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In his first film Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015), actor Bhoomi Bednekar played a teacher in a small town in Haridwar. Toilet: She continued it in films like Ek Prem Katha, Shup Mangal Chawtan (both 2017) and the recently released Badai Do, where she played a strong-minded little town girl. Although these shows received his praise, he was the only one who got stuck in the template.

We meet the 32-year-old actor to address this. Areas:

Are you worried about being the same in many of the films starring the little town girl?

No, I’m not afraid of it all.

How do you look then?

I do not think that 70% representation in the country will make me the same. I want to represent them (small town women) and be a part of the stories that reflect them.

So what is the fear of actor Bhoomi Bednegar?

I’m wary of doing it again, but it’s not happening yet. No one ever said to me, ‘You’ve seen this before.’

So, what do you do? Do you have a formula?

Even though I play a woman from the same environment in different films, I make sure the way they conduct their lives is very different and I have to learn a lot about India which is the heart part of it.

Being a city-born woman, was it hard to gnash your teeth at these characters?

Yes. In fact, it’s even harder because I do not live that life. I am from Mumbai.

Then how do you deal with them?

I got that expression through my pictures. Every film comes with great preparation. I accept these roles and, as I said, do everything I can to differentiate them from each other.

It’s been seven years since you came to the screen. Do you think you’re getting roles that fit your feelings better now than ever before?

I always had films like that that I always wanted to act in in cinema. Because it sets the tone and path for what I want to do, a lot of the credit goes to my first film.

So, are there any complaints?

When you win, your options will open. I do not want to complain. This is a big deal for me at the moment.

What has changed in these seven years?

It’s been a few years since I started acting, but now that I have begun to explore many things about myself I feel like I have started.

If so, is that the goal?

Yes, I like to act in films that help me explore more and more.

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