Bhimla Nayak Movie Review: Pawan Kalyan Awesome In Ayyappan And Koshy Remake, Rana Dakupathi Make A Strong Impact

Ayyappan and Koshy, the two leading characters who lock the horns on an incident and their ego take them on a jungle journey, is not an easy movie to remake. It is a dialogue-heavy film that has worked totally with the flamboyant performances of leading actors Biju Menon and Prithviraj Sukumaran. Bhimala Naik, on the other hand, is the over-commercialized remake of the film Ayyappan and Koshy, which failed to recreate the original magic, but still works in its own ways, thanks to the impressive acting of Pawan Kalyani’s McChismo and Rana Dakupathi. (Read more: Strength Review: Awesome action in Ajith Kumar movie broke the predictable story)

Ayyappan and Koshi were immediately liked because it was about two disabled men bending their manhood and doing nothing to prove who is strong. Bimala Nayak goes on a very safe path and does not dare to damage the soul of the original story. However, it does make small changes to suit Telugu sentiments and is set to attract a large fan base of Pawan Kalyani. Daniel Seker (Rana Takupathi) follows Danny, who was arrested with his stock of alcohol in a no-alcohol zone. Danny obeys the police and is not bragging about his powerful background. When he challenges the police, Bhimala Naik (Pawan Kalyan) takes charge and arrests and imprisons Danny. This causes a series of reactions and the Bhimla dog and Danny will not stop until they have solved their score.

Ayyappan and Koshy relied heavily on the relentless tension between the main characters. While Bimala Nayak recreates that tension and succeeds, it also adds the usual major cinematic gimmicks to make the film as entertaining as possible. With a star like Pawan Kalyan it is understandable why the film is overly commercial in its story style. Direct confrontation moments between Rana and Pawan Kalyan help the film really invest the audience. For a good part of the film, it is the scenes between the leading heroes that make Bhimala Nayak original.

Pawan Kalyan is terrifying as one of the characters he played on screen. He mostly played a role of suppressing his anger, but when he explodes, it is so sexy to see him own the change – Pawan Kalyan shows it effortlessly. Rana, in another unique selection, plays Daniel Sehgar in a believable way – he is intimidating in that role and is a strong opponent to the character of Pawan. It is safe to say that director Sagar Chandra chose to score each other instead of giving the two leading actors an equal chance to make Bimala Nayak a Pawan Kalyan film. Nonetheless, Rana is making a solid impact, which will be one of his best performances.

Movie: Bimala Nayak

Director: Sagar Chandra

actors: Pawan Kalyan, Rana Takupathy, Murali Sharma, Nithya Menon, Samuthirakani and Samyukta Menon

ott: 10

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