Bharti Singh says she did not realize she was 2.5 months pregnant, ‘Mote lokon ka bada nahi salta’

Comedian Bharti Singh and her writer husband Harsh Limbachia are expecting their first child together. A few months ago the couple made the announcement through a special Vlog on their YouTube channel. The baby will be born to Bharathi and Harsh in the first week of more: Pregnant Bharti Singh beats skin, tells paparazzi, ‘First week of April May kabi be mama bun shakte ho’

Now, in a new interview, Bharathi has revealed all about how she first came to know about her pregnancy. She said she didn’t even realize she was 2.5 months pregnant due to weight.

Speaking to Pingvilla, she said, “When I was two and a half months pregnant, I didn’t realize it. Mote logon ka bada nahi salta. I eat, I shoot, I run, dance is the fire. Then I thought I could check it out for once. When I was done, I left the test and came out. I went back and saw two lines and told Harsh. So that was amazing for us. We did not plan that this would be the right time to have a baby. Harsh Limbachia said it was okay if the baby came two years ago or two years later.

In an earlier interview with the Times of India, Bharathi revealed how Harsh takes care of himself. She said, “Harsh is like my nurse, he heats the water and presses it to my back when it hurts. At night I have these unusual cravings for Channa Bhattara or dairy products like paneer and harsh and then I am busy checking food utilities which will deliver such food items home. I never like paneer or milk, but I feel all of those nostalgia in the middle of the night.

Bharti and Harsh are currently hosting the talented reality show Hunerpass. They also recently started the third season of their own popular adventure show The Katra Katra Show. The comedy game series presented by the couple is streamed in Wood and Colors.

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