Bharti Singh recalls how he acted in a comedy show while his mother was in the ICU: Maine Socha Yeh Kaisi Life Hai

Comedian Bharti Singh talks about how he was taught that if they want to become an artist, they have to understand that no matter what happens, the show has to continue. During a new conversation, Bharathi recalled the time his mother was admitted to the ICU due to stomach ulcer and how he managed a comedy show that day. Bharti and her husband Harsh Limbachia host the The Kadra Katra Show and the Honor Boss: Desh Ki Shan reality show. (read more: Bharti Singh praises Kapil Sharma for never giving up: People)

Bharti made her comedy debut in 2008 when she appeared as a contestant in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Bharathi took second place in the show. He later appeared in several comedy shows such as Comedy Circus 3 Ka Datka, Comedy Circus K Ajup, Comedy Classes and many more.

In a new interview with Siddharth Kanna, Bharathi talked about the difficult time when his mother was in the ICU and he hosted a comedy show for which he was not even paid. He said, “When I did my first show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, we stayed at the hotel through the show. My mom and I were in the habit of eating only home-cooked food, eating hotel food for several days, and my mom had a stomach ulcer and was in the ICU so I had to go to my shoot and make people laugh by the semifinals. The show of the day. “

He added, “When I was on stage, I was thinking about my mom in the ICU, I didn’t even know if I was Velvena on the show, I was thinking I didn’t get any money from here. I’m a competitor, yet I have to stay here and leave my mom in this position. I realized what kind of life this is, that if you want to be an artist, you have to put these personal things aside, you have to work for the audience and make them laugh. Off stage ba nahi ke sakte ki aaj toda kum hasaungi mary mummy hospital may hein please talian pajayeka (I can not go on stage saying that mom is in the hospital so I will not have fun, but still clap). “

Bharti, who got married in 2017, and her husband Harsh Limbachia are expecting their first child together. Earlier this month, while talking to the paparazzi, Bharathi said her delivery would take place in the first week of April.

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